Real-life Rapunzel with 90-inch flowing brown locks has hair that brushes the ground behind her

For one woman, caring for her hair is a full-time commitment. Dubbed a real-life Rapunzel, she has turned her remarkable hair into a source of income and fascination.

Meet Alia Nasyrova, a 33-year-old whose hair measures a staggering 90 inches in length. It took her two decades to achieve the luxurious mane reminiscent of her favorite fairy tale character, Rapunzel.

“I started growing my hair because I’ve always had a deep fascination with long hair since childhood,” shares Nasyrova. “I was captivated by the heroines with long hair in fairy tales.” She proudly embraces her role as a long hair model, even referring to herself as the “Queen of super long hair.”

Nasyrova earns a living through modeling on her website, where she provides exclusive content for her paying fans. Her dream is to travel the world, seeking out and sharing the beauty of long-haired girls, treating it as an art form.

However, maintaining her magnificent tresses is no simple task. It requires an hour of daily washing, a full day of air drying, and when she ventures outside, her hair requires its own dedicated bag weighing 22 pounds.

This bag contains essential liquids such as shampoo, conditioner, and various hair accessories. Nasyrova even includes hair exercises on a yoga mat to keep her soft brown locks in optimal condition.

Her husband, Ivan Balaban, adores her long brown hair but takes care to stay out of its way. He humorously shares, “I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for her hair, ensuring that I don’t accidentally damage it or cause any harm. I even talk to her braid respectfully, sometimes asking it to move a bit.”

Having hair long enough to sweep the ground behind her can present challenges. Nasyrova recalls a childhood incident in the theater when gum got stuck in her hair. It was a true tragedy that required cutting out a clump of hair to remove the stubborn gum.

Although Nasyrova’s hair is remarkably long, she does not hold the record for the longest hair. According to the Guinness World Records, that title belongs to China’s Xie Qiuping, whose hair measured an astonishing 18 feet 5 inches. To put it into perspective, her hair is nearly as long as an adult male giraffe is tall, according to GWR.

Alia Nasyrova’s dedication to maintaining her extraordinary hair has transformed it into a captivating work of art, earning her admiration and recognition as a modern-day Rapunzel.

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