Rare footage of moose shedding its antlers leaves Internet stunned

In the now-viral clip, a moose was approaching and stopping directly in front of a Ring doorbell camera. After the animal paused for a split second and shook its body to shake off the snow, something rare caught on camera.

The moose eventually shook just a little bit too hard, causing its antlers to snap off its head and fell onto the snow. Obviously, the animal was startled and quickly ran away.

The video was originally posted on Facebook and Tiktok by internet user Tyra Bogert, who lives with her husband in a town called Houston in Alaska. As of Thursday, the short clip had more than 18 million views on TikTok.

Bogert excitedly wrote on Facebook: “This was cool to get on video! Moose dropping antlers at my house!”. Let’s check out the video below!

A moose shedding its antlers is a first for the family, who claim to frequently capture footage of the local wildlife on their property. They even have a clip of two bulls fighting for a female moose.

Chance, Bogert’s husband told Newsweek “I knew it was rare because all my hunting friends said they’ve never seen it in real life, let alone being caught on video”.

He later picked up the antlers from the snow and brought them inside. According to the pair, they plan to hang the antlers on one of their walls.

Bogert is thrilled that her video is enjoyed by so many people. Many of them have told her they were even unaware that moose lost their antlers.

A surprised viewer said: “Why was that so much more dramatic than I thought it would be?”

Another commented: “That’s seriously so cool that you guys got that on camera!!!”

One person quipped: “He was like, ‘OMG! MY HAT!’”.

According to some experts, only male moose have antlers. They lose their antlers every year, but new antlers can grow back a quarter inch per day.