Rare and flawless round egg with a one-in-a-billion chance could fetch a hefty price

After being discovered in a Melbourne supermarket, a remarkable ‘one-in-a-billion egg’ with a flawless spherical shape has the potential to fetch a substantial sum, possibly reaching thousands of dollars.

There exist numerous items whose significant monetary value can be easily comprehended. For instance, the intricate mechanics of a car can appear almost magical, a splendid piece of art requires immense skill to create, or an item may simply be exceptionally rare.

Nevertheless, certain objects provoke a sense of curiosity regarding the rationale behind their lofty price tags. One such curiosity is an egg that, through a fortuitous twist of fate, has defied convention by assuming a perfect spherical form, deviating from its customary oblong shape.

It’s undeniably intriguing, the kind of thing that would elicit a reaction like, “Huh, that’s cool.” However, spending hundreds or even thousands to acquire one appears to be a case of having more money than practicality.

What practical uses would it serve? Wouldn’t it become obsolete quickly?

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
 Credit: Instagram/@jacquifelgate

Nevertheless, it appears that there exists a peculiar demand for eggs with unconventional shapes. Truly, one learns something new every day!

Newsreader Jacqueline Felgate recounted her discovery of a non-oval egg, stating, “I thought I would share this eggcellent find – in our egg carton we found a round egg, and after a quick Google realised it was one in a billion.”

Furthermore, it seems that this unique find could possess a substantial monetary value as well.

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
Credit: Instagram/@Jacquifelgate

“Literally one in a billion eggs are round and the last one that was found sold for over $1,400!”

While many may wonder about the practical uses for such an egg, it is actually possible to preserve eggs, or more specifically, their shells. This preservation technique is commonly employed by museums to safeguard wild bird eggs.

For larger eggs, a small hole is made at each end, allowing the contents to be scrambled and blown out. However, this step isn’t necessary for smaller eggs, as they can naturally dry out in a sufficiently dry environment.

Among the most expensive eggs in the world are those from the extinct Elephant Bird. These remarkable eggs, which can be around 800 years old, are enormous, measuring 200 times the size of a chicken egg. That’s one colossal omelette!

The Elephant Bird, believed to have stood at 10 feet tall and weighed over 440 kilograms, was native to Madagascar but sadly became extinct approximately 400 years ago due to hunting.

In 2013, a fully intact Elephant Bird egg was sold at Christie’s auction house for an astonishing £66,675.

On another note, dinosaur eggs typically fetch prices of up to approximately £1,600 for exceptionally well-preserved specimens.

Bigger than a dinosaur’s – elephant bird egg on auction

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