Random dog surprises everyone when it won a downhill skiing race

Last week, skiers from all over the world came to the Italian alps to compete in the Alpine World Cup. However, one four-legged amateur who decided to join the fun beats even the most experienced pros.

It was called a “dark horse” in racing terms. But he is a dark dog, to be more specific.

No one was ready for him.


In the men’s super-G event on Thursday, as one athlete started his run, he suddenly had to deal with some unexpected competition. The dog, who had been watching from the sidelines up the slope, found a way to get on the course and join in the fun.

The race was now in full swing.

The fast dog quickly became the center of attention for the cameras that were filming the event. The sports commentators and people watching the race were both amazed and amused.

Here’s videos of the dog at work:

When the dog joined in, the real race had to be put off for a short time.

But judging by how much people loved him, it’s safe to say he was the winner no matter what.

After running down the hill, the dog was ready to stop and take a break. It turned out that he and his owner had come to watch, but he ended up taking part.

A member of the Italian Alpine Ski Team told The Dodo, “The dog was OK, just a little tired!” a spokesperson for the Italian Alpine Ski Team told The Dodo. “The dog was reunited with its owner[.]”


Unfortunately, the dog’s name didn’t make the list of winners, but his performance on the hill that day won’t be forgotten for a long time.