‘Quite an experience’: Alligator invades couple’s home through dog door

An alligator was seen inside the home of a couple who has just moved from Arizona to Louisiana, giving them quite a Cajun welcome.

Their dog sensed something was wrong and woke Don and Jan Schultz up in the middle of the night.

“Our dog Panda growled and woke my wife. She tapped me and said, ‘I think there’s somebody in the house,’” Don Schultz said. “So, I got up and headed down the hall to check and that’s when I saw the shape of an alligator.”

“It was quite an experience. We’re getting the full Cajun experience,” Don Schultz said.

The 5-foot alligator had got inside their home through the dog door.

Authorities arrived shortly after the couple called 911 to apprehend the unwanted guess.

In pictures and videos posted online, deputies can be seen attempting to control the gator as it thrashes furiously.

“We are real grateful for the sheriff and wildlife and fisheries which came to get the creature from our home,” Jan Schultz said. “I guess it’s off swimming in a bayou somewhere.”

Don Schultz added, “We are taking precautions and locking the doggie door which will now only open with the dog’s collar. We don’t want another surprise like this in the future.”

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