Prom pics attract body-shaming comments from strangers, so guy responds in the cutest way

Although it’s acceptable to feel insecure about some features of your nature, it’s not acceptable for someone else to make you feel horrible about it.

If individuals were more welcoming and helpful to one another, the world would be a much gentler place.

Body shaming is never beneficial to a person’s self-esteem.

In our society, it is common for people to say hurtful things, even when there is no justification for it.

People hurt others so easily.

We are all doing our best to live on this earth, to learn from our mistakes, and to leave the world a little bit better than we found it, but our words still cause so much harm.

A young woman by the name of Madison Haulter experienced this.

Haulter was the victim of cyberbullies who shamed her body on the internet.

At the prom, she wowed with a gorgeous dress made of pink sequins that clung to her figure.

Tre Booker, her boyfriend, wore a black suit and accessorized it with a pink tie and boutonniere.

Both of them appeared with an incredible impression.

Source: Twitter

They were the image of a perfect pair together.

Haulter uploaded images from her prom to Twitter with the caption “Prom with the loml,” which stands for “Prom with the Love of My Life.”

Some people chose to utilize a time in their lives to ruin the happy event between the two.

But once more, the internet came to their rescue.

People from the outside chimed in and poured praise into the comments area.

They acted fast to assist this lovely girl.

Haulter received compliments on her exquisite looks and the special occasion she had with Booker.

Source: Twitter

Positive remarks can be found anywhere.

Haulter said, “I’m a big believer in not responding to hate with hate. I didn’t say anything rude to her and I kind of stopped my friends from responding as well.”

But it wasn’t only strangers speaking up in support of Haulter.

In order to comfort his lover, Booker intervened right away.

It was important to him to stand up for the woman he loved.

“You’re not fat baby. God made you just for me. You’re perfect. I could look at you all day,”  he wrote with a cute ring emoji.
After all, there were complete strangers who didn’t think twice about trying to cheer her up when she was in a bad mood.

Because he frequently and adoringly posted about his fiancee on social media, many individuals referred to him as a “soft one.”

Booker, on the other hand, was completely unconcerned. He made it clear that he wants everyone to be aware of how much love he has for her.

And their display of affection isn’t just a joke on social media either. In point of fact, they have successfully tied the knot.

It makes me happy to know that there are people in this world who, even when it’s difficult, will be kind to others and will speak up for those who are being mistreated. It takes bravery to be who you are and face the world, but after you’ve done it, it gets easier with each passing day.