Professional baseball player notices teary-eyed 7-year-old at game and switches into “dad mode”

In a heartwarming incident, a young boy found himself separated from his family during a Phillies vs. Royals baseball game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Fortunately, the legendary player Bryce Harper stepped in to help.

The 7-year-old named Caleb had lost sight of his brothers while they were busy taking pictures with the athletes. Harper, a father of two himself, quickly noticed Caleb’s tears and approached him. According to People magazine, Harper sat down beside Caleb, lending a compassionate ear as the boy recounted what had transpired.

NBC Sports reporter Taryn Hatcher captured the heartwarming incident on video and shared it on X platform. In the accompanying caption, she described how 7-year-old Caleb became distressed after losing track of his two brothers. She highlighted how Bryce Harper swiftly switched into a caring “dad mode” to comfort the young boy.

Once Caleb was reunited with his brothers, Bryce Harper joined in to capture a charming selfie with all three boys. Taryn Hatcher shared this heartwarming moment by posting the photo on X platform.

Feel free to view the video below to witness Bryce Harper’s heroic gesture in action!

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