Pregnant Mom Goes into Labor While Husband Fights for Life in Nearby Ward

The pregnant woman was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby, eagerly planning to welcome the new addition with her fiancé. However, her world was suddenly turned upside down when she received an unexpected phone call while relaxing at home, altering her life in ways she could never have imagined.

Skye Nykamp, who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time, bid farewell to her fiancé, Josh Matonia, as he set out on his motorcycle for one final ride before their baby’s birth. The couple was eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child together, with no inkling of the tragedy that lay ahead.

Due to her diagnosis of gestational diabetes and persistent nausea, Nykamp’s doctors had advised her to rest. Consequently, she had dozed off on the couch, only to awaken to devastating news a few hours later.

The Life-Changing Phone Call

Nykamp was jolted awake by a phone call from Matonia’s friend, who informed her that he had been involved in an accident and had injured his knee. Unbeknownst to her, Matonia’s actual condition was much more critical, as he hung precariously between life and death.

In an attempt to spare Nykamp from added stress, Matonia’s friends had decided to withhold the full details of the accident, considering her pregnancy. They assured her that he would be airlifted to the hospital since the incident had occurred in a remote location. Nykamp later recounted:

“I was a little upset, but I was like, that’s okay, we can deal with this―it’s just his knee.”

She Finally Saw Him

After Nykamp arrived at the hospital in Adelaide, Australia, where Matonia had been taken by paramedics, she hurried inside to see him. She had anxiously waited for hours, unaware of the extent of his injuries beyond his knees. Little did she know that the accident had caused much more damage than she had anticipated.

As Nykamp laid eyes on her fiancé, she was devastated to see him lying lifelessly on a bed, surrounded by a team of doctors. Her heart shattered into a million pieces as she took in the sight of his swollen body. Overwhelmed with shock and grief, she felt helpless and would have collapsed if not for the support of a nurse who held her up during this heart-wrenching moment.

The Doctors Treated Him

Matonia had a tragic accident while riding his bike on a dirt track, losing control and colliding with a pole, which sent him flying through the air. His friends who were with him immediately called for first responders to help.

When he saw his fiancée, Nykamp, standing by his side, Matonia managed to mumble, “I’m sorry,” despite being in immense pain. He couldn’t help but think of how worried and stressed Nykamp must be upon learning about his accident.

As Matonia was taken into the operating room for a lengthy procedure, Nykamp kissed him on the cheek and waited anxiously for hours. Finally, a doctor updated her on his condition. Although the news was not good, with Matonia’s condition being serious, the medical team was doing their best to treat his injuries. Nykamp held on to hope, staying by his side throughout this challenging ordeal.

She Met Him Again

After several hours, the doctors granted Nykamp permission to visit her fiancé, who was now in an induced coma. As she entered his room, her heart sank at the sight of him in such a fragile state. The extent of the injuries from the accident was far worse than she could have imagined. Nykamp couldn’t believe how much damage had been inflicted by a single incident. She recalled:

“That picture of him will never go away.”

Nykamp returned to the hospital the next morning after briefly going home to rest. The doctors were in the process of gradually bringing Matonia out of the induced coma. When Nykamp saw him, he was apologetic and concerned about his injuries, but she remained by his side, providing comfort.

While Nykamp was still with Matonia in the hospital, she experienced sudden pain in her belly, leading her to believe it might be time for her baby to arrive. However, when she consulted the maternity ward of the same hospital, they informed her that the pain was likely due to stress, and not related to labor.

She Returned to the Same Hospital

In the late hours of the night, Nykamp was at home trying to rest when she began to feel increasingly restless. As she tossed and turned in bed, she sensed the unmistakable signs of labor: her contractions were growing stronger, and her water had broken. It was finally time for her to bring her baby into the world.

Accompanied by her sister for support, Nykamp made her way to the hospital where Matonia was undergoing treatment. Despite the intense pain of labor, she rushed to the ICU to see her fiancé, but he was not fully conscious. He was unaware that their baby was about to enter the world.

Realizing that Matonia couldn’t be with her during the delivery, Nykamp called a friend to stay by his side while she went to the labor room. She had hoped that the hospital staff would bring Matonia to be with her during the birth, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Nykamp recalled the bittersweet moment with a heavy heart.

“I just wanted them to stop my labor. I wanted Josh to be there.”

She Gave Birth to Their Child

Despite the absence of Matonia in the delivery room, Nykamp’s sister and aunt came up with a thoughtful idea to make him feel present. They arranged a video call, and Matonia’s friend held up the phone for him to witness the birth of their baby boy, Xander. Matonia watched with pride as Nykamp gave birth to their child, feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

A few hours later, Matonia finally met his son Xander for the first time. He and Nykamp had never imagined that they would come out of such a terrifying situation with such strength and resilience. It was a moment filled with joy, gratitude, and relief for the new parents as they held their precious baby in their arms.

Nykamp stayed in a separate room within the same hospital with her newborn baby for the next few days until they were ready to go home. She made sure to visit Matonia regularly during his 15-day stay in the hospital, and even after he was discharged, it took him 19 months to fully recover from the devastating accident and regain his ability to walk.

The bike accident was a life-changing experience for both Nykamp and Matonia, and it taught them valuable lessons that they will carry with them forever. Despite the challenges they faced, Matonia is now doing well, and the couple finds joy in spending precious time with their little bundle of joy, Xander. The experience brought them closer together and made them appreciate the blessings of life even more.