Postal worker’s act of rescuing kitten has led to them winning lottery jackpot

A postal worker from Washington won a lottery prize of $717,500 after his attempt to rescue a trapped kitten. Joseph Waldherr, who works in Tacoma, shared that while delivering mail, he heard the cries of a kitten but struggled to locate where the sound was coming from.

Joseph Waldherr shared that he encountered the same distressed mewing in the same vicinity the following day. This time, he located the source – a small space where a kitten had become trapped.

Recalling the incident, Washington’s Lottery stated that Waldherr placed the kitten within his sweatshirt pocket, and the feline slumbered there for the remainder of his work shift.

Feeling a sense of luck after this feline rescue, Waldherr decided to visit the Quinto convenience store. He purchased a Hit 5 lottery ticket in a moment of spontaneity.

Several days later, Waldherr and his wife checked the ticket together, only to realize that he had hit the jackpot, winning a substantial prize of $717,500.

Waldherr attributed his fortunate win to the kitten he had rescued. He affectionately named the cat Peaches, and the feline has found a new home in his residence.

Expressing his intentions for the prize money, Waldherr mentioned that he plans to support his parents’ retirement and contribute to charitable causes. He stated, “My wife and I have everything we need. We just want to help others.”

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