Poor dad has nothing for the kids this Christmas but kind stranger gives everything he has

When a kind stranger observed a dad sobbing, he was unable to pass by him. After approaching the man and striking up a conversation, the stranger was moved to offer assistance after hearing the man’s heartbreaking tale.

On YouTube, BI Phakathi has uploaded a number of moving videos, but the one he uploaded just before Christmas 2022 was particular. The dad and his two children were shown in tears.

Phakathi assisted the father and gave the family an unforgettable experience. The good Samaritan offered the man hope and a miraculous donation just in time for Christmas, even if he couldn’t make all of the man’s issues resolve.

Source: youtube.com/BI Phakathi

A Meeting with the Crying Father

Phakathi’s altruism has seen him inspire goodness on the streets of numerous communities, but in one of his recent films, the South African was left wishing he had more to contribute. When he came upon three men, he realized he had to help them.

One of the men was a dad holding his two children in his arms. He was crying as he walked down the sidewalk. “Why are you crying, brother?” Phakathi asked inquisitively. And the man responed:

“I want to give them more.”

Source: youtube.com/BI Phakathi

He Desired to Be of Assistance to Them

It was commendable that the man wanted to offer a better life for his children, which prompted the kind stranger to inquire:

“So if I can assist you, how can I assist you?”

The man said that he worked at a scrap metal yard and that he would be willing to give up his life for the benefit of his children. As he informed Phakathi about his greatest aspiration, his fervor and his love for his children were amazement to listen to.

Source: youtube.com/BI Phakathi

The father had the intention of making the holiday season memorable for his family. He said,  “I want to give them a [sic] Christmas.” Initially, he was unaware of the sincerity with which the stranger had offered his assistance.

The father fought to talk through the tears that were streaming down his face, but Phakathi had heard enough. Before he began, he prompted the father to take a seat:

“What you’ve just been through, I understand. I will do what I can.”

Source: youtube.com/BI Phakathi

The Generous Present That Was Completely Unexpected

Then, completely out of the blue, Phakathi gave the weeping father several wads of money, one after the other, leaving the latter unable to utter a word. The man’s reaction to the stranger’s generous offer was one of disbelief, and he inquired as to whether or not the other person was being serious. It was a Christmas miracle that actually happened, and Phakathi acknowledged that he had given the man everything he owned in an attempt to help him.

The stranger’s heart was tremendously moved by the father’s story, and after hearing it, he wished he had more to contribute to the family. Phakathi stopped him when the father sought to express gratitude to him, telling him that he should devote all of his thanks to God instead. The kind stranger said:

“I know it’s tough but God cares about you. It’s all God, don’t thank me just thank God. I love you, brother.”

Source: youtube.com/BI Phakathi

The Response on the Internet

People all across the world reported that they were moved to tears after watching the clip, which moved the internet community. The sight of a grown man sobbing and begging for a way to support his family touched the hearts of many people and showed the extent of the problem that exists in our world.

Users couldn’t resist but sing the philanthropist’s praises for his selfless actions and the work that inspired them. A great number of internet users praised him and thanked him for sharing such an important message with everyone about the importance of love and kindness:

Scholasca hermann390 commented: “Watching from Namibia. Thank you so much for putting a smile on their faces. God bless, keep up the good work.”

Gilliekins5255 wrote: “This is heartbreaking. Thank you so much for being there to help him. You’re a wonderful person.”

The father placed a great deal of significance on Phakathi’s actions. Even though he was unable to provide for his loved ones, the generosity of the stranger allowed him to give them a Christmas they will never forget. To them, we hope that the future holds nothing but success and happiness.