Poor Dad and Daughter going without food when stranger gives them food and money as Christmas gift

The greatest gifts we can give others are kindness and love since these qualities only become stronger when they are shared. On top of that, they start a domino effect, encouraging others to follow suit. When he cheered up Christmas for a father-daughter pair, a Good Samaritan achieved that.

In a world where everything is possible, choose to be empathetic and lending a helpful hand can have a profound impact on people’s lives. Whether you can donate a lot or a little depends on how sincere and caring your intentions are.

When a kind-hearted man spotted a dad walking his young daughter down the roadway in December 2021, he took same action. The deserving honor was none other than BI Phakathi, a South African videographer, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and filmmaker.

The daddy-daughter duo. | Source: YouTube.com/BI Phakathi

Meeting a Daddy-Daughter Duo

When Phakathi saw the guy and his daughter, they were walking around with a small knapsack and a few sweets. The day was bright and sunny. As he got closer to them, he gave the adult a friendly poke-punch and then greeted both the adult and the child with a warm Christmas greeting.

The next thing that happened was that Phakathi questioned the man about how things was going on his end, to which the man responded that he had been jobless for the past three months. He went on to explain that despite being qualified in petroleum engineering, he was currently sitting without a work and had no adequate means of providing for his family.

The daddy-daughter duo. | Source: YouTube.com/BI Phakathi

Taking Them by Surprise with Food

Phakathi, realizing that the distressed father could benefit from some morale-boosting, went to a Burger King in the neighborhood and purchased meals for the distressed father and his daughter. After giving them food, the well-known YouTuber prompted them to celebrate the holiday by pointing out that it was Christmas and that they had every right to do so.

Nevertheless, Phakathi couldn’t help but note the relaxed disposition of the father and asked, “So, tell me, what can I do for you to make things better for you?”  The man then responded to this by saying, “[You] already did for me.” However, at Phakathi’s insistence, he claimed that he required diapers for his other kid. (who wasn’t shown on camera).

The daddy-daughter duo. | Source: YouTube.com/BI Phakathi

It’s Never Going to Be Enough

When the videographer from South Africa inquired about the price of the diapers, the father replied that the more affordable options would cost 35 rands each. Phakathi, on the other hand, reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of cash, and presented it to the father rather than giving him the exact sum. When the small child saw the enormous sum, she chimed:

“That’s too much. That’s too much money.”

Phakathi smiled merrily as she turned to the sweet little girl and generously bestowed further funds onto her, all the while admonishing her not to entertain the notion that such a sum was excessive. As soon as she accepted the cash, he said:

That’s your Christmas gift. Give it to daddy.”

The daddy-daughter duo. | Source: YouTube.com/BI Phakathi

Giving Assistance to the Individual So That He Can Begin His Business

However, it wasn’t the end of it. Phakathi reminded the man that it was Christmas and that everyone should have the opportunity to share the joyous occasion with the people they care about. Then he took out an additional wad of cash and said that he didn’t want to see the father and his little angel out on the road.

Phakathi told the individual that if he were able to establish his own business, he would be overjoyed. The response given by the man was, “I can start my own business, but I don’t have [the] tools.” Soon after that, the compassionate philanthropist withdrew more money and offered it to the father in the hopes that it would assist the latter in finding a solution to his problem.

The bubbly girl reminded Phakathi once more that it was an excessive amount of money, to which he replied, “It’s never too much. I’m making sure that daddy is able to support you. [He] is [going to] start a business and be able to support you.”

The father, as was to be anticipated, responded with profound emotion, and he inquired of his generous benefactor as to whether or not he was the famous BI Phakathi. “No, I’m just Father Christmas. Love you,”  Phakathi said, wishing the father and his daughter well and encouraging them to take care of themselves and have fun.