Policeman saves choking baby, develops relationship with her, and becomes her godfather

A police officer received a call to save a choking 2-month-old baby from death after 25 years of working in risky situations. He arrived at the baby’s home right away and found the father pleading with others to save his daughter.

In 1990, when he started his job in Meriweather County, Georgia, Kenneth Knox became a member of the police force. Although the man has worked as a police officer and experienced the worst, one particular occurrence irrevocably altered his viewpoint.

On September 4, 2016, Knox was going about his usual work when he got a call about a baby girl who had choking on food. It was an urgent situation that required quick treatment, so he knew he had to be there as soon as possible.

The little girl was having trouble breathing.

Knox had driven to the house of the infant and gotten out of his vehicle to check on the little girl who lived there. While Knox made his approach to the entryway of the house, a crowd surrounded the front door of the residence. There, he observed the girl’s father pleading with passersby to help rescue his daughter.

Ma’Yavi Parham’s parents told them that an hour after eating, she started choking. When Knox first saw the infant girl, her body had taken on a bluish tint, and she appeared to be having trouble breathing.

Ma’Yavi’s mom, Kristen Parham, stated that she and her daughter were in a sitting position when an unexpected event occurred. Kristen had no idea what had taken place when all of a sudden Ma’Yavi was unable to breathe.

She Needed Help

During Knox’s examination of the child, the girl’s parents reported to him that they had attempted CPR but were unsuccessful. The cop was completely at a loss for what to do as the panic continued. The only thing he did was pray for the girl’s life.

In his 25 years of professional experience, Knox had never before felt so perplexed. While he was laying the girl down on the couch, he gave it a lot of thought to figure out how to save her. Right at that moment, a brilliant notion emerged in his head.

He Found a Solution

When asked to explain what he had done to save the baby, Knox responded by saying, “It came from God.” He realized that he needed to remove the bit of cereal that was lodged in her throat, but his method was somewhat unusual.  He recalled:

“I did reverse CPR.”

Instead of forcing air into the baby’s mouth by blowing on it, Knox sucked in the air in the hopes that it would assist remove the piece of cereal that was caught in her throat. It took him several attempts before he was finally able to feel the bit of food pop inside his mouth and move down his throat.

After Knox had pulled the piece of cereal from Ma’Yavi’s mouth, her skin began to turn pink once more, and she flashed a smile at the officer. The wonderful experience is now permanently ingrained in his memory.

The Event That Completely Transformed His Life

According to Knox, the most rewarding part of his job was when he was able to save Ma’Yavi’s life. He freely stated that the event had a profound impact on him and made him more modest. He posted a picture of himself on Facebook, in which the little girl can be seen being held by him.

Unexpected Opportunity

In the midst of Knox’s story becoming popular on social media, Kristen gave him an unexpected call. She enquired as to his interest in serving as the godfather for her daughter.

Knox was touched to have such a wonderful opportunity. He accepted Kristen’s invitation right away and was named Ma’Yavi’s godfather.

Kristen acknowledged that she believed Knox should serve as her daughter’s godfather. She admitted that her daughter grinned whenever she turned to face the officer who had rescued her.

After the event that changed her life, Kristen frequently emailed Knox pictures and videos of her kid. Knowing that he would watch the girl age and that his grandchildren would have a close relationship with Ma’Yavi made her pleased.

We wish the youngster the best and anticipate that additional people will be motivated by Knox’s story. Ma’Yavi was saved thanks to his bravery and quick thinking, and as a reward, he was given the opportunity to become her godfather.