Police Officer Saves Kitten Discarded From Car, Forms Instant Bond, and Adopts It

Police officer Timothy Rugg discovered an immediate connection when a tiny kitten climbed onto his shoulder after being tossed out of a car window, leading to an unexpected adoption.

Rugg, a member of the Harrisonburg Police Department in Virginia, initially responded to a service call on July 13, where he encountered Penny-Furthing, a 3-month-old kitten. The kitten had been thrown from a vehicle onto a Harrisonburg street. Upon hearing that the caller couldn’t keep or transfer the kitten to a shelter, Rugg decided to take her to the Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA.

Describing their encounter, Rugg shared, “She immediately crawled onto my shoulder and perched onto it like a parrot and started purring.” This unexpected bond led Rugg to rethink his preference for dogs over cats. He explained, “I just felt like she wanted to be with me, and before that, I never saw myself owning a cat. I thought I was a dog person, but we just kind of bonded immediately, and I just knew I had to take her with me.”

Coincidentally, Rugg brought Penny home on the same day as his wife’s birthday, surprising her with the adorable addition. The name “Penny-Furthing,” a playful twist on “penny-farthing” and “fur thing,” was chosen for the charming feline. Penny-Furthing has since transformed from a timid and shy kitten to an exuberant and playful companion, fond of cuddles, water play, and exploring the houseplants.

Huck Nawaz, the executive director of the RHSPCA, expressed gratitude for Rugg’s compassion and support, stating, “We’re very grateful for the support of our community members like Ofc. Rugg who open their hearts and homes for our animals in need.”

Now, Officer Rugg advocates for animal adoption, urging others to consider fostering and providing a forever home for pets in need. He emphasized the simplicity of the process and the value of fostering in making an informed decision about welcoming a furry friend into one’s life. “The beauty of the foster process is you can learn to see if you are capable or really want to do it rather than just purchasing an animal somewhere else and then not being sure later if it was the right choice,” Rugg added.

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