Police officer reunites homeless man with family 350 miles away

A heartwarming story unfolded in South Carolina as a homeless man was reunited with his family, all thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant Conroy from the Greeneville Police Department. Lt. Conroy has been actively engaging with the homeless community, offering support and assistance.

During his outreach, Lt. Conroy had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bryant, who had been living on the streets for two years. Through his dedicated work, Lt. Conroy was able to help Mr. Bryant reconnect with his family, who were located in Virginia.

The department expressed their joy and shared that the man’s family was thrilled to have found him, making the journey to South Carolina to bring him back home. This heartwarming reunion showcases the positive impact that such efforts can have. It’s truly a feel-good story that highlights the compassion and dedication of Lieutenant Conroy and the Greeneville Police Department.

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