Police officer halts car to apprehend driver, and a little girl from the vehicle approaches his partner in tears

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Police officers have one of the most challenging jobs, both physically and emotionally. They often face unpredictable situations when they leave their homes for duty. Such was the case for Interim Chief of Police David Snively when he received a call to assist an officer in apprehending a motorist.

On June 28, 2022, the Morrow Police Department, led by Snively, responded to a request for investigation. Upon arrival, they encountered a hostile individual during a routine traffic check. Despite efforts to resolve the situation peacefully, the driver refused to comply with orders, resulting in an escalating altercation.

As the officers proceeded with the arrest, they discovered a little girl and her mother in the car with the suspect, who was the mother’s boyfriend. Snively noticed the child in tears while her mother was talking to the authorities. The emotional scene heightened Snively’s feelings as he witnessed the impact of the situation on the innocent child.

Fearing for the well-being of the young child, the police chief knelt down and offered comfort. Snively patiently answered the child’s questions, doing his best to explain the situation in a way that she could understand.

Unbeknownst to the interim police chief and the little girl in a floral print outfit, a member of the community captured their interaction in a photograph.

Later, Snively took to social media to share his experience with the little girl in a post on his LinkedIn profile. He expressed how the entire event had deeply affected him, and he was heartbroken by the girl’s question.

The temporary police chief recounted how the brave little girl had approached him, trying to hold back tears, and asked if her mother’s boyfriend, the accused, would come back home after being arrested. Snively was moved by the girl’s inquiry.

In his post, Snively assured the little girl that the accused was safe and would return home soon. Upon hearing this, the girl smiled, wrapped her arms around Snively, and cried into his shoulder. Snively was grateful for the opportunity to comfort and reassure the young girl during a difficult time.

Snively, the police chief, shared that while the scenario had deeply disturbed him, he remained optimistic because the little girl had felt comfortable enough to approach him. He described it as a moment that was both horrible and lovely at the same time.

Unaware that their photo had been taken, Snively only received it hours later. Reflecting on his life, he acknowledged that he had witnessed many inexplicable things. Despite setbacks and failures, one thing remained constant for him – he understood his purpose on Earth.

Snively believed that he was placed in that particular circumstance by a higher power, with the mission to console and encourage the young girl. He also acknowledged that the girl had done more for him than he could have done for her.

The incident sparked numerous positive online responses, shedding light on the positive impact of police officers in the community, especially during challenging times when they have faced criticism in various unfortunate situations.

Commenters on Snively’s LinkedIn post praised the temporary police chief for displaying compassion and comforting the little girl who had been left bewildered and upset by the experience. Other police officers also responded on the page, including Nicholas Lewis, an Emory University Police Officer, who wrote:

“I enjoy seeing the compassion in our job.” When we encounter humans at their worst, it may be upsetting and depressing. Stories like this help us stay focused on why the work is important and will always be important. To safeguard the innocent.”

Lewis also emphasized the importance of police officers setting an example of integrity, regardless of the situation they encounter, and praised Snively for sharing the story.