Police captain has perfect response to phone scammer who claimed she’s about to be arrested 

Unlucky North Carolina police captain decided to have a little fun and utilize the situation as a teaching moment when she answered the phone to a scam caller who said she was about to be jailed.

In a viral video online, Apex Police Captain Ann Stephens can be seen playing games with a phone scam artist while giggling to herself after being called by a fake police detective attempting to obtain her personal information.

In a conversation with two persons who introduced themselves as “John Black” and “Jason Brown,” Stephens was told that she was facing more than 25 criminal charges, ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering.

The caller requests Stephens’ address and the last four digits of her social security number, claiming there have been several charges brought against her.

Stephens provided the Police department’s address, 205 Saunders Street, in response to a request for her home address.

The footage was shared by Apex Police Department to serve as a warning to the general public not to provide their address, social security number, or other sensitive information to suspicious callers.

“These are scam calls,” Stephens said in the video. “Don’t ever give out your information. Don’t ever verify their information even if they have it.”

Let’s checkout her response to the scam call!

“If somebody calls and says they’re the Social Security Administration, hang up and call them back yourself. Call the number on the Social Security Administration website or IRS website and talk to them, but none of those agencies will ever ask for your information over the phone so that should be your first sign it’s a scam,” she said.