Police called for trapped individual in car trunk, but it was embarrassing misunderstanding

Occasionally, there are moments that occur and leave us feeling utterly embarrassed, knowing that years later, we’ll wake up in a panic, recalling that mortifying incident we hope everyone else has forgotten. Thanks to the internet’s influence, these hilariously humiliating episodes can be etched into the annals of online history.

In some unfortunate cases, such embarrassment can even transform into a meme, haunting us every now and then for the rest of our lives. Unless, of course, we happen to be the ones who willingly share the video, implying that we’re entirely at ease with the world deriving endless amusement from our expense. In this particular scenario, that logical reasoning seems to prevail.

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Enter Toria Townsend, who uploaded a video on her TikTok account, @classy_Melita, which has now become a viral sensation on the platform.

Upon returning home after getting her hair done, Townsend found herself startled by a knock on her door. The video, seemingly captured by a home surveillance system, shows her opening the door to find two police officers waiting on the porch. From the officer’s question, it becomes apparent that their concern wasn’t about the possibility of a person being trapped in her car’s trunk.

“The craziest thing you’re not going to believe,” one of the officers begins. “So we got a call, somebody was concerned. Are you like a hairstylist?”

To the officer’s momentary disappointment, Townsend admits she is not a hairstylist, prompting him to inform her about something unusual sticking out of her car.

“Oh, my Jesus,” Townsend shrieks as she hurries towards the door.

To everyone’s relief, it turns out not to be a person at all. As Townsend rushes towards her car, the officers chuckle while she exclaims that it’s her wig hanging from the trunk, causing passersby to experience heart palpitations. The uproarious video has gained immense popularity, garnering countless views and numerous shares. It has even been featured on platforms like “It’s Gone Viral,” where it has received nearly 9 million likes and over 58 million views.

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