Pod of dolphins led Sailor to a woman who was drowning and assisted in saving her life

In many ways, dolphins are man’s ideal aquatic companion because they are kind and caring animals. Even more people hold the opinion that dolphins are our closest spiritual, intellectual, and emotional relatives. It’s not surprising that many people adore them and regard them as their buddies given how they defend humans and interact with us.

Many times, dolphins have protected people from dreadful marine predators.

One such story is a pod of dolphins defending a surfer from a shark assault. Another instance was when they built a barricade to protect a group of kids from a shark attack. Dolphins are quite entertaining and unusual animals, in addition.

A boat captain was recently led to a woman who had become trapped by a pod of dolphins.


Khosrow Khosravani is an educator who teaches at a college and recently relocated to Marina del Rey. Upon his trip, he observed that a significant number of the locals owned sailboats. Because of his deep affection for the sea, he invested in the purchase of his very own sailboat and went on to acquire the appropriate education required by the American Sailing Association.

In addition, Khosravani completed his training for his California boater’s license using online courses.

The skill of rescuing someone from the ocean was one of the most valuable skills he picked up throughout his time there.


Khosravani and his crew left Marina del Rey in the direction of Paradise Cove once they had fulfilled all of the necessary prerequisites and received their training. It was an exhilarating experience to pilot his boat out on the open water. In addition to that, he ran through an emergency procedure drill with the staff.

The team was having a wonderful day when they saw a pod of dolphins about three miles off the coast of the island they were on.


The discovery of the dolphins made Khosravani and his team ecstatic. They even taped the interaction.

They didn’t anticipate that there are a hand in the water, though.


In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he remarked, “Once they passed was when I saw a hand in the water.” 

Khosravani steered close to the boat to the individual while blinking his eyes, until they recognized it was a naked woman!


Khosravani was able to apply all of his training. She was thrown a flotation device at first, but she was too frail to hold on to it. They kept attempting till she was able to get it.

He stopped the boat’s engine, leaned down, and assisted the woman in climbing aboard.

The poor woman was swiftly covered in a sea of blankets and towels.


Khosravani used his emergency radio to request assistance. Capt. Matt Rhodes, an ocean lifeguard with the L.A. County Fire Department, received it right away. The woman was too frail and had an ashen appearance when he got to the boat.


She was experiencing hypothermia and shivering.

She was taken to the hospital right away, where she spent the next three days recovering.

They learned that the woman had spent 12 hours floating in the water. She was doing nighttime skinny dipping when rip currents took her offshore. The 26-year-old woman underwent a terrifying ordeal.

Fortunately, Khosravani is led to the stranded woman by the dolphins.

Another example of a dolphin defending humans, it was.