Photographer tells mom with giant belly to turn around during photoshoot

Jazzy and Rich, a couple expecting their second child together, wanted to commemorate their pregnancy with a photo shoot to capture the joyous moment. Jazzy had selected a beautiful pink dress, and their young daughter Reign also wore a matching dress for the occasion.

Despite the couple’s concerns about the rainy weather, they headed to the picturesque location they had chosen, with a beautiful waterfall providing a stunning backdrop for the photoshoot.

As the photographer took pictures of the couple and their daughter, Rich suddenly paused and dug into his pocket to retrieve a little velvet box he had hidden away. The photographer asked Jazzy to wait a moment before the next picture was taken, and then Rich dropped down on one knee.

In that moment, Jazzy realized that the photoshoot was not just about capturing the happy memories of their pregnancy, but that Rich had planned something much more significant.

The surprise proposal caught Jazzy off guard, and the emotional moment was captured on video. The couple’s love for each other was palpable, and Jazzy’s reaction was a heartwarming tear-jerker. The couple’s idea to have a photoshoot to pass on to their children and grandchildren turned into a treasured memory of a truly magical time in their lives.