Person is reading about the Australian King Parrot when one lands on top of the book

Life sometimes throws you something out of the blue that completely catches you off guard. When an Australian King Parrot landed on a person’s book, that was a sure sign. A Reddit user named @u/4thedoor was reading a book about a certain kind of parrot when the same kind of parrot landed on his book. How incredible, right? In the pictures posted on Reddit, the first one shows a bird sitting on top of a book with a page open to information about the Australian King Parrot. It says, “Friendly Australian King Parrot landed on my book as I was trying to identify it!” In the other pictures, the parrot can be seen literally looking into the book, as if it were trying to figure out who it is.


The post says that it was seen in Australia, in the city of Mount Buller, in the state of Victoria. The parrot stayed with the person long enough for him to take more than one picture. With more than 98,000 upvotes and about 1200 comments, the picture went viral. On Reddit, people had their own ideas about what the bird must be thinking. “Imagine you went up to a stranger who was reading a book and then you look and he’s reading about you and there’s a picture of you in his book. You just mind-freaked the bird.”

MyModernMet says that the Reddit user was reading the book “Field Guide to the Birds of Australia” by Simpson and Day.

In another funny story about a parrot, it stole the earphones of a Chilean reporter while he was on air. Nicolas Krumm, a journalist for the Chilevisión channel, was talking about how there were more thefts in the area when a parrot landed on his shoulder and grabbed his earpiece. But the parrot dropped the earphone, which he was able to find. This video of the parrot was seen by a lot of people on the internet.


Krumm later said that he was in the middle of a midway broadcast when he “felt a presence close to me and realized it was a parrot.” He told the cameraman about the parrot because he thought it was pretty. But right then, “when I’m trying to make sure the cameraman has seen the parrot, it steals my earpiece.”


Given how serious it was that a home break-in was being reported live on air, Krumm thought it would be best to keep the broadcast going instead of talking about the parrot at that time. Krumm thinks the parrot was watching them from nearby railings when it landed on the reporter’s shoulders. “because you can see it looking at it out of the corner of its eye before it takes it”, he said.