People surprised when listening to how English sounds to those who are not native speakers

A young man has unveiled what the English language appears like to individuals who don’t speak it, and it’s a lot stranger than you might imagine.

If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country, amidst exploring their intriguing potato chip varieties and sampling unfamiliar beers, you may have pondered how you come across to local residents who don’t speak English.

Thanks to a TikTok user, you no longer have to speculate. He has demonstrated how a language can come across when you don’t comprehend the words, and apparently, we sound somewhat similar to those characters from the video game series “The Sims.”

You can click here to listen for yourself:

@languagesimp Ever wondered what it’s like to not understand English? #english #languages #language #linguistics #USA #polyglot ♬ original sound – Language Simp

TikTok user known as “the Language Simp,” or @languagesimp, possesses proficiency in several languages, including English, affording him a solid grasp of how we may come across to individuals who aren’t fluent in English.

In a video that has amassed over eight million views, he presents a brief dialogue that resembles an eccentric gibberish language. In terms of intonation, it bears a striking resemblance to English, but when one attempts to decipher the ‘words’ (if they can even be called that), they appear utterly nonsensical.

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
A TikTok user shared how English sounds to those who don’t understand it. Credit: TikTok/@languagesimp

The sensation it evokes among those of us who are fluent in English is somewhat perplexing. One individual commented, saying, “I felt like I should understand what he was saying.”

Meanwhile, another person inquired, “You are telling me people hear me talking like a Sim?”

Yet another individual shared, “I feel like I understand what he’s saying, but I also don’t.”

A fourth commentator remarked, “This sounds right… but it’s not… ”

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
We’re not sure what he said either. Credit: TikTok/@languagesimp

If you have an interest in peculiar linguistic developments, you might also find it intriguing to learn that earlier this year, a study uncovered that a majority of Britons could adopt a ‘roadman’ dialect within the next century.

Terms like ‘peng,’ ‘wagwan,’ and ‘bare’ are part of a vernacular known as ‘Multicultural London English’ (MLE), and there’s a belief that it could emerge as the predominant dialect in the UK over the next hundred years.

This popular dialect has emerged from the amalgamation of various languages in London and has supplanted Cockney as the primary dialect among working-class residents of the city.

According to Professor Paul Kerswill from the University of York, Multicultural London English is a dialect that originated in the British capital in the early 1980s, with roots traceable back to the Windrush generation.

Considering that most younger generations in the UK are already well-acquainted with MLE, the study suggests that they are likely to continue using these expressions into adulthood and pass them down to their own offspring.

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