People are outraged after a proud father posts photos of his 14-year-old at work

Getting your first job is a watershed moment in a person’s life that they will never forget. Whether it’s mowing lawns or babysitting, it’s a significant milestone in your life as you gain responsibility.

A proud father shared photos of his son’s first job. Chris Crawford, the father, dedicated a post to his son, discussing how even adults can learn from the young teen’s value ethic.

In the post, he mentioned that his son had obtained a part-time job at Burger King. He goes on to discuss his son’s inspiring work ethic, stating that the teen works every day of the week, including weekends. While other kids his age were “enjoying their summer,” his son was working hard and he couldn’t be more proud of him.

He discussed how his son chooses to arrive at work early and stay late. He expressed his pride in his son and his accomplishments at such a young age.

Crawford stated that his son enjoyed every minute of his job. According to his father, the teen enjoys earning his own money and saving for his own car.

People on the internet have been divided in their reactions to the post. Some believe that it is a good age for a young man to learn the value of money and how to save it.

Others believe that a child should not be so focused on work at such a young age. In their eyes, the child should be a child, not concerned with his work! According to some internet users, these are formative years that they should enjoy by acting like children.

In the United States, the minimum working age for non-agricultural jobs is 14 years old. The government also limits the number of hours that children under the age of 16 can work. The law also prohibits hiring minors under the age of 18 in dangerous occupations.

People were worried about the young boy because his father stated that he works seven days a week! However, according to Crawford’s post, his son is very happy with his job. And in the photos he’s posted of himself in his Burger King uniform, his son can be seen smiling.