People are excited about a £1.45 oil that prevents spiders from entering their homes

It is that time of year when creepy crawlies make an appearance in our houses. Nothing is worse than discovering an eight-legged visitor on the wall or in your cupboard.

Fortunately, Asda customers have discovered a remedy that only costs £1.45.

This cure is not only inexpensive and readily available on supermarket shelves, but it might save numerous individuals a lot of time and effort when attempting to eject a spider from their home.

Spiders typically swarm from early September until their mating season concludes in October.

Customers at Asda are gushing about the supermarket chain’s peppermint oil, which works to deter spiders due to its strong odor.

Although there has not been much scientific investigation into why or how peppermint oil repels spiders, one hypothesis indicates that spiders avoid crawling through fragrant oils because they smell through their legs.

Georgia, an Asda client who is also the proprietor of luxury bedroom firm French Bedroom, praised the peppermint oil treatment.

She told Yorkshire Live: “Following this tip will retain your bedroom as a peaceful sanctuary and prevent sleepless nights.

“I swear by these tips and recommend them to anyone I know who has spider troubles. 

“As they smell with their legs, pungent scents, essential oils and even lemon peel are great ways to keep spiders at bay for only a few pounds and without using chemicals.”

Credit: Asda

Rather than squashing a spider with a random object or a rolled-up magazine or newspaper, this peppermint oil cure deters them.

You may also mix the oil with water to make a spray, or add a few drops to a diffuser, or put some in your laundry. Georgia emphasized that all of these methods would keep the spiders unharmed.

Although spiders are technically not insects, peppermint oil is widely considered to be a natural insecticide, according to Heathline.

In comparison to a typical insecticide, you may need to apply peppermint spray more regularly. Once a week, try spirtzing in the dark areas of your home, and if the spiders return before the week is over, consider spraying every few days.

Although peppermint oil is regarded harmless in moderate quantities, spraying excessive volumes of undiluted peppermint oil may cause dizziness, disorientation, muscle weakness, double vision, or nausea.

Spray small areas at a time, dilute the peppermint oil with water, and use with windows open. When utilizing essential oils around animals, pet owners should use caution.