Pastor thought to be in brain-dead state, until his wife noticed movement in his toes

Slightly more than a year ago, Megan Marlow was making arrangements for her husband Ryan’s funeral. Today, they are not only commemorating life but also their 17th wedding anniversary. This remarkable transformation, blurring the line between faith and medicine, has left both their community and the Marlow family attributing this extraordinary recovery to divine intervention, with many labeling it a “living, breathing miracle.”

Texas siblings reunite emotionally after brother rescues 2-year-old sister from drowning

Ryan Marlow, a devoted pastor and father of three, had been pronounced “brain dead” by medical professionals after a sudden onset of listeria infection followed by a hemorrhagic stroke. The family had even progressed to the point of preparing for organ donation when a miraculous turn of events occurred. Megan Marlow, his wife, noticed an astonishing sign: her husband’s toes were moving.

“Ryan wiggled his toes,” Megan recalled, describing the awe-inspiring moment. In response to her observation, she immediately insisted on further testing. A subsequent CT scan unveiled an extraordinary revelation—there was still blood circulation in Ryan’s brain. He was not brain dead but in a coma.

Following several months of extensive medical care, rehabilitation, and the numerous challenges of “insurance battles and infections,” Ryan eventually returned to the embrace of his wife and children in early March. According to family friend Kala Huffman, witnessing his return is “priceless.”

Although the path to recovery has presented its share of challenges for the family, Ryan has shown remarkable progress. Megan shared that over the past two months, Ryan has grown significantly stronger. He now communicates through sign language and nods, actively participating in his family’s life despite the hurdles he faces, such as relying on a feeding tube.

In a heartwarming twist early in August, Ryan used sign language to plan a surprise anniversary date for Megan. Collaborating with Megan’s sister and niece, Ryan ensured that the date included all of Megan’s favorite flowers and even coordinated dinner reservations.

Megan acknowledges that Ryan continues to grow stronger each day but recognizes that there is still a long road ahead in their journey. Their recent anniversary celebration not only marks the years they’ve spent together but also serves as a testament to the incredible obstacles they’ve managed to overcome.

Texas siblings reunite emotionally after brother rescues 2-year-old sister from drowning

The community in Wilkes County rallied together to warmly welcome Ryan back home with a heartfelt drive-by celebration, adorned with balloons, cards, and handwritten signs brimming with words of encouragement. Hundreds of well-wishers made the journey, with some driving for hours, just to express their love, prayers, and unwavering support.

Megan expressed her gratitude, saying, “For Ryan to know that through all of this whether he realized it or not, there were so many people who were praying for him and supporting us and the family, and we are just very grateful.”

As Ryan perseveres through his rehabilitation, Megan reflects, “He knows that God has a purpose and a plan.” Their story not only defies conventional medical expectations but also serves as a testament to faith for many. “He’s a living, breathing miracle,” remarks Huffman, a sentiment that resonates deeply with everyone touched by the inspiring journey of the Marlow family.

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