Parents kiss their daughter goodbye in the hospital, 30 minutes later, a scream is heard from the room

Whether you have faith in miracles or not, there is no denying that the story of baby Bella from England is a stunning illustration of one.

Bella was diagnosed with a serious illness when she was just 14 months old. After a series of tests, she was placed on a ventilator, and the family was advised by the doctors to say their final goodbyes to their precious bundle. But just as they had given up all hope, Bella surprised everyone by doing something incredible.

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After Francesca gave birth to their second child, Bella, Lee and Francesca Moore-Williams thought their family was complete. They were a happy couple.

Bella, however, began losing her hair in clumps at the age of 14 months. She was given an inhaler when doctors suspected asthma. Bella began to deteriorate while on a family holiday in Spain three months later. They had to go back to the UK to look for the cause.

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Critical state

Bella had mitochondrial disease, which causes organ failure and the death of body cells, the doctors informed the family. It progresses and there is no treatment for it. Bella was put on a ventilator because her health was so serious.

The couple was informed that the hospital had a case similar to theirs in the past in which the child had Biotinidase deficiency and that they would begin injecting the girl with Biotin, which is Vitamin H. Only one in every 60,000 births are impacted.

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Bella was taken off the ventilator, but she was unable to breathe on her own. On July 21, the family was informed that they should say their final good-byes. The entire family gathered in the hospital, where they said their final goodbyes to her and took one more photo with their five-year-old son Bobby. But the unthinkable happened only 30 minutes later.

“I could feel her hand dropping and it went down but then she started gripping my finger. She started moving on her own and then her machine started going off,” Lee Moore-Williams, the father, spoke to The Telegraph.

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The hospital witnessed a miracle

When Bella all of a sudden started moving and screaming, the medical staff informed them that her oxygen levels were returning to normal. Neither of the parents could believe what they were seeing.

“The doctors changed their way of thinking and they went all the way to save her. In those 20 minutes I sat by and then realized she wasn’t ready to let go,” Lee, the father, recalled.

The ailment that Bella used to have can now be controlled with the help of the medication that she needs to take on a daily basis.

The Cullens are treating Bella’s recovery as if they had won the lottery because they are making the most of their second chance at being a happy family of four.

“When she says ‘mama’ it melts my heart,” mum Francesca shared to The Telegraph.

In the video that follows, you can see a happy family talking about an incredible event that they had.