Paige, daughter of Ron Howard, shared dance with father at wedding that moved people to tears

Ron Howard, the movie director, and his spouse are dedicated parents of four children, including three daughters (two of whom are twins) and one son. Their daughter Paige Howard, who is one of the twins, is also an actress and has appeared in both movies and TV shows.

In May 2020, Paige, who was engaged to Tim Abou-Nasr, an actor and performer, revealed that their wedding had been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. However, their dream of getting married was finally realized in May 2022.

On May 2, 2022, Abou-Nasr shared their wedding photos on Instagram, which included several pictures from the ceremony. The first photo was a selfie of the newlyweds smiling while posing for the camera. Another photo showed Paige walking down the aisle with her parents, and the third picture captured the newlyweds kissing.

On May 7, 2022, Paige shared a gallery of photos capturing some of the best moments from her wedding day. One photo showed the couple holding each other, while another captured them gazing into each other’s eyes.

The venue was adorned with pink and white flowers, and some of the themed bouquets were displayed on the wooden dining benches.

Paige’s older sister, Bryce, served as one of the bridesmaids. As an ecstatic sister, she took to Instagram to congratulate the newlyweds and express her excitement about having Abou-Nasr as her brother-in-law.

Ron took to social media to celebrate the event, sharing a photo of the newlyweds holding hands at the altar. He expressed his admiration for his daughter, stating that Paige looked like a flower goddess and wore one of the most beautiful wedding dresses he had ever seen.

As the officiator, Ron expressed how meaningful it was for him to be a part of his daughter’s special day. Later, in honor of Father’s Day, Paige shared a video of her dancing with her father, giving fans an additional glimpse into her wonderful wedding.

Ron and Paige shared a poignant dance to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, which they both consider to be their favorite. Fans of Paige were moved to tears, as they commented on the post expressing their emotions.

Paige expressed her love for her father, stating that it goes beyond words, and wished him a happy Father’s Day.

In response, Ron expressed his gratitude and affection for his daughter, admitting that while he may not be the best dancer, he took the opportunity to share a meaningful embrace with her that he will never forget.