Our family doesn’t “fit,” but adoption has made it full of love

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson tried everything for years to get pregnant, and they finally gave up and accepted that they would always be aunt and uncle. Then they got a message that changed their lives overnight.

Since they got married in January 2018, they had been trying to get pregnant. When that didn’t work, they tried everything else.

The woman from Houston said that she used ovulation tests, prenatal vitamins, apps that track her cycle, and fertility monitors.

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They even ignored advice from friends, family, and strangers that they didn’t like. 14 months went by while they tried, prayed, and waited. From one month to the next. After the first test came back negative, she took another one. They seemed like they needed help in order to get pregnant. They went as far as talking to doctors about it.

The couple didn’t seem to get much help from the doctors. They all told Sadie that she could get pregnant if she lost weight, so when she had no other choice, she had gastric surgery and lost 28 pounds.

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Sadie’s OBGYN was happy about how much weight Sadie had lost and told her how proud she was of her.

Sadie said, “She informed me that if I wasn’t pregnant within six months, she’d refer me to a fertility expert since she couldn’t administer the fertility medicine,” Sadie explained. “I was overjoyed about it. Finally, we got anything other than a negative response! We were ecstatic when we got a ‘not right now.’”

After Sadie lost weight, the couple didn’t get pregnant as quickly as they had hoped, and they felt like they were back where they started.

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Sadie said she felt like she was meant to be a mom. Her doctor spent a lot of time telling her how fertile she would be after surgery, but she still didn’t get pregnant. Because of this, they gave up. They knew they were only supposed to be aunts, uncles, and godparents to their nieces and goddaughters.

Sadie got a message from a friend asking if they would be willing to foster a baby that a couple she knew was thinking about for their baby, since the couple had given up on trying to have a baby.

A caseworker had told the couple that they had to take care of the baby while the mother went to therapy. At first, the couple was afraid. The couple was worried that they would care too much about the child. But soon, that story changed.

The caseworker told them that the child’s birth mother has decided that she would rather they adopt the child.

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“Holy crap!” Sadie yelled when she found out she was going to be a mother.

Overnight, they went from not having any kids to possibly fostering one to people saying, “You guys are parents!” She listened to the case worker talk while she was still shocked. She got off the phone and called her husband to tell him that they wanted to adopt the child. She shouted with happiness that they wanted them to have kids. The husband said that he thought they just wanted to take care of him. She told them that they should be his mother and father.

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The couple spent the weekend trying to make sense of the shocking news and getting ready in case the mother changed her mind.

On Monday, the couple found out that not only did the baby’s mother want them to adopt the child, but she also wanted an independent adoption and was ready to sign the papers that day.

Their son was born seven weeks early at 33 weeks. He was 4 pounds and 5 ounces heavy. Sadie said that he could fit in the palm of her husband.

Sadie also said that he was wrapped in a pink and blue-patterned white blanket. He was born too early to eat on his own, so he had a tube coming out of his nose. He was still cute, though.

The couple told people on social media about their engagement, and they were told to make a registry. After only three days, 55 of the 72 things they advertised had been bought.

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The adoption of Ezra Lee was finalized in October 2020, and the family took the cutest pictures ever while wearing t-shirts that said “families don’t have to match.”

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In 2021, Sadie and Jarvis had twin girls named Journee and Destinee. They did this by donating an embryo. The black couple had a boy and two girls, all of whom were white. This was in line with their family motto, “Families don’t have to match.”

Anyone who looks at this wonderful family and makes a decision about them can only say one thing: their family is built on the strongest foundation possible: love.

Good luck to this wonderful family!

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