Only those with a high IQ can identify the horse’s body in this tricky illusion

Only individuals with a high IQ can successfully decipher this perplexing optical illusion featuring a pair of horses. The task at hand: determine which horse is engaging playfully with the camera.

These two equine beauties stand side by side, their striking resemblance adding an extra layer of complexity to the challenge. The positioning and matching coloring of these horses are designed to baffle even the most astute observers.

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However, for those who have been attempting to crack this puzzle, the moment of revelation has arrived. The horse that makes direct eye contact with the camera is the second one, situated to the right in the photograph. The telltale sign is its darker mane, setting it apart from its equine companion.

If you’re captivated by optical illusions and hungry for more brain-teasing challenges, there’s another enigmatic riddle waiting for you. Just earlier today, we shared a viral photograph that has been confounding social media users, inviting them to spot a hidden rabbit within the image.

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