One thousand toys for sick children was a dying little girl’s wish, fulfilled after her passing

Before she passed away, a 5-year-old girl only asked for one thing: 10,000 toys for sick kids. She passed away many years ago, but her legacy endures because to the “Sassy Massey Smiles Foundation” named in her honor.

Jillian Massey’s entire life changed when she was four years old. As she was given a cancer diagnosis, she began spending more time in hospitals than than parks, gyms, and toy stores.

Jillian was given the news that she had medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of brain and spine cancer, just two weeks after her fourth birthday. She started her therapy right away at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she made many of new acquaintances.

Collecting Gifts for Her Friends

Jillian wanted to send some gifts to her pals at the Children’s Hospital in 2016. She intended to gather 50–100 items for them, but after word spread about her toy drive, she had more than 3000 gifts to distribute to other kids by December.

Her parents found it heartbreaking to watch her undergo therapy, but by age four, she appeared to have little trouble fighting the disease. Her parents considered it a blessing that she was distracted easily by toys, movies, and games because her diagnosis had no negative effects on her mental health.

Jillian never questioned her parents in any way. Instead, she made her dreams a daily reality by embracing each day with a grin. Even though the treatment she had to endure was harsh, she didn’t let it depress her; she remained brave, sociable, and compassionate throughout.

Free from Pain

Jillian lost away when she was five years old after giving in to her condition. Janelle, Jillian’s mother, advised their supporters in a post announcing her daughter’s passing not to be upset or feel bad for the loss, admitting that “cancer isn’t anyone’s fault.”

Jillian’s wish was granted soon after her passing, allowing her parents to give 10,000 toys to young patients even though she never got to see it come true.

Janelle felt that her daughter savored every moment of life to the fullest. She utilized the opportunity that life presented her with and turned her mundane existence into something that she had previously only imagined. She concluded the announcement by requesting of her followers, “My friends, please smile when you read this post through the tears because that is what Jillian would want.”

Keeping Jillian’s Memory Alive

After the success of her family’s initial toy drive the previous year, Jillian expressed to her parents her hope that they would be able to raise enough money to purchase 10,000 toys to donate to children in hospitals before she died away. She believed that other children would experience the same joy that she did while playing with toys because it had brought her so much happiness during her therapy.

Jillian was unable to see her wish come true before she passed away, but it was granted shortly after her passing when her parents were able to give away 10,000 toys to children who were undergoing medical treatment. Now, many years later, her cause is still being carried forward by the Sassy Massey Smiles Foundation, which is directed by Janelle.

A Well-Loved Foundation

The mission of the organization is to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of children undergoing medical treatment by donating toys. To assist in the accomplishment of its objectives, it welcomes contributions of both money and goods, as well as organizes annual events and fund-raising activities.

They used to just do this during the Christmas season, but thanks to the support of everyone, they now do it all throughout the year. The Sassy Massey Smiles Foundation is what it is now because of Janelle’s dogged determination to carry on Jillian’s work after she passed away. Toys are being donated to as many pediatric patients as possible each and every year by a number of different enterprises and organizations who have joined forces to support this cause.