Older widower is invited on a date by a young cashier so that he won’t have to spend the holidays alone

In addition to seeing each other at the grocery store, they occasionally meet for coffee.

There are numerous reasons to anticipate Christmas. In addition to the gifts, good food, and parties, this is one of the best times to be at home with family and friends.

At 86 years old, he spends the majority of his days alone.

As a widower, he has no one to celebrate Christmas with. He spends the holidays by himself, with a frozen meal prepared.

Even though they have a daughter, she will not remain in the U.S.

She is in England with his grandchildren. Due to all of these factors, Edwin could be considered an orphan for Christmas.

When Ellie Walker learned about the situation of the elderly man, she decided to do something kind for him.

The 22-year-old works at a supermarket. There, she encounters countless individuals daily. It makes her happy to be able to converse not only with her coworkers but also with the customers.

As a sociable individual, she knew she had to assist the company’s regular customer.
She disclosed in an interview with the Daily Mail:

“He is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite customer. He is the cutest man and so chatty. I thought if it was my granddad and he was alone I would want someone to talk to him.”

She knew she couldn’t change Edwin’s situation permanently, but she could make his Christmas a little brighter.

Ellie decided to invite Edwin to the holiday meal.

The elderly gentleman did not disappoint his date. He came prepared, revealing to Ellie the significance of her action to Edwin. He was so impeccably dressed. He even brought the young lady flowers.

During the same interview he disclosed:

“The dinner made me very happy as it was unexpected and I had very pleasant company. As for the suit, it was my first date for about 55 years, and [I got] the flowers because I wasn’t going to go empty handed.”

Ellie and Edwin continue their conversation after their ‘date’

In addition to seeing each other at the grocery store, they occasionally meet for coffee.
It is enjoyable for Ellie to converse with the elderly man.

On the contrary, Edwin is grateful for the friendship. That Ellie did something he did not anticipate made her even more special to him.

Even though they are 64 years apart in age, they have become fast friends.

Christmas is one of the best times to spend time with family. It is also the optimal time to do something kind for others.

Edwin Holmes no longer finds Christmas as exciting as he once did.