Oil tanker and a cruise ship carrying thousands collide, resulting in injuries to the passengers

A P&O cruise ship has collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Spain, resulting in injuries to some passengers on board.

The Britannia, P&O’s flagship vessel carrying thousands of cruise-goers, faced a stormy encounter off the coast of Palma de Mallorca on Sunday.

Videos circulating on social media capture the ship swaying precariously in the forceful winds, eventually breaking free as the mooring snapped under pressure.

Subsequently, the ship was driven by the gusts towards the oil tanker, leading to a collision. Passengers were injured due to falls and airborne debris.

Amidst the turbulent weather, Mallorca experienced winds of up to 74 mph and heavy rainfall, prompting an amber weather alert across the island on that fateful Sunday.

After a thorough assessment following the collision, it was revealed that a lifeboat suffered damage beyond repair.

In response to this incident, P&O has made arrangements to fly 321 guests back to Southampton, UK, as the ship heads back home. This adjustment is in accordance with maritime regulations.

The Britannia has a passenger capacity of 3647 and was nearly at full occupancy during the collision.

Ricky Stubbs, a passenger on board, recounted the chaos that ensued. He explained how a loud crash emanated from the ship’s bar, prompting panic as debris flew around and people struggled to find safety. The crew’s efforts to maintain order were commendable, as they guided guests to their cabins for safety.

Russ Dawson, another passenger, witnessed the ship collision from his balcony. He described the sky darkening and the impending storm before the collision occurred. The impact was accompanied by screams and panic.

Despite the offer of a 20 percent discount on his next cruise, Dawson asserted that it couldn’t compensate for the ordeal he had endured.

A spokesperson from P&O Cruises acknowledged that the incident was weather-related and led to minor injuries among a small number of individuals. The injured passengers were being cared for by the on-board medical center.

The spokesperson stated, “Following inspections, our third-party surveyor has confirmed that one of Britannia’s lifeboats has sustained structural issues and cannot be repaired on-board.”

Regrettably, the ship was required to return to Southampton with a reduced number of passengers due to maritime regulations. Some guests would be flown back home, while those remaining could enjoy the planned activities for the remainder of the trip.

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