Officer who is unable to swim jumps in pond to save a drowning child

Despite not knowing how to swim, a Florida police officer risked her own life by jumping into a pond to save a baby who was drowning. Shen was then hailed as a hero for her brave action.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Officer Me’Atia Sanderson was the first to arrive on the scene on June 9 2022. She received notification that the child was still in the water.

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note
Screenshot: Youtube/ Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

In November, for the first time, the sheriff’s office made the terrifying rescue’s bodycam video available.

“Sanderson, who does not know how to swim herself, without a second’s hesitation, entered the pond to retrieve the child and performed CPR until she was relieved by other responding officers,” the sheriff’s office said.

Video captures Sanderson rushing into the water to reach the drowning infant. She carried on performing life-saving procedures after the child was rescued from the water.

“Come on, baby,” the officer can be heard saying while giving CPR “Come on!”

When two more police arrive on the scene and take over CPR efforts, the video comes to an end.

Sanderson was honored for the impact that her “quick and decisive decision to go into the retention pond” made.

“Her actions, while putting her own life at risk, undoubtedly saved the child’s life,” the department said.