Officer befriends pregnant homeless woman, who asks him to adopt her child

Officer Jesse Whitten would converse with the pregnant homeless woman, but one day she made a request that forever altered his life.

Numerous police officers go the extra mile to protect and serve their communities. But a police officer from Santa Rosa, California took things to a whole new level when he adopted a homeless woman’s child.

Officer Jesse Whitten and his wife will never forget what started out as a normal workday.

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Jesse has ten years of experience and many more to come. A pregnant, homeless woman with an addiction was befriended by him. On occasion, he would provide shelter for her.

His wife Ashley joined him for a ride through the streets one day. There, she encountered the homeless woman.

When Ashley noticed that the woman was pregnant, she placed her hand on her stomach. Ashley had no idea that a year later she would be the child’s mother.

The Whittens had three daughters under the age of eight. In February, the homeless woman asked them to take her child. Even though they were concerned about the baby’s health, Jesse and Ashley agreed, such wonderful individuals.

With the mother’s struggle with addiction, there were concerns for the child’s health.

Samurai Levi commented, “Honestly, that mother who was addicted has my respects. Instead of keeping the baby and risking her life, she asked the family to adopt her. Not everyone can do that.” He makes a valid point.

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Another observer states, “Somehow, the birth mom could see through her self induced madness and noticing that this couple were good, stable and loving folks. And she took a wise decision about her daughters future. I respect her for that.”

The love of a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world. These parents are gushing over their newborn child. Jesse remarked that she has the kindest disposition and is also highly engaged and perceptive. Who knows, maybe this baby girl is a future police officer who will repay her father’s generosity. We can only hope she does.

During the hearing, all three sisters, Reese, 7, Kendall, 5, and Stella, 3, gave a unanimous “yes” to the judge, cementing their newly adopted sister’s place in the Whitten family.

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Harlow Maisey the infant is now a Whitten! Her biological mother gave her the middle name, which the Whittens kept to honour Harlow’s real mother.
Jesse stated the following on Good Morning America:

“She’s so adorable. She will cry if she needs something, obviously as babies do, but as soon as we would touch her, she’d immediately stop crying. She knew right away that she was safe.”

The best aspect is that they continue to communicate with Harlow’s biological mother. Ashley and Jesse share photographs of their beautiful daughter with her. The Whittens will maintain their advocacy on behalf of foster children.

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Ashley asserts that these children are not damaged. They only require love. And there is always enough for everyone. Ashley also disclosed that Harlow’s birth mother desired a better life for her daughter, but was unable to provide one. Therefore, she turned to the kind police officer and his wife, who will grant her request.

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