Off-duty officer lauded as a hero for saving a woman who vanished beneath the waterfall

During an excursion through Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, a group of swimmers on a hiking trip were fortunate enough to be discovered by fellow hikers, including an off-duty police officer named Bruce Lake. This valiant officer played a crucial role in rescuing their friend from the clutches of a fierce whirlpool.

Bruce Lake, along with his wife and friends, was exploring the Laverty Falls region when this incident unfolded. Despite being hailed as a hero, Lake was initially informed that the situation was under control.

Fortunately, breaking through the assumptions of safety, one of Lake’s companions noted that a woman in the water seemed to be struggling and might require assistance. It was at this point that the entire group witnessed her being engulfed by the turbulent water after attempting, albeit briefly, to make her way back to the shore.

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“She was trapped between these two small waterfalls,” Lake recounted. “She went under immediately, resurfaced near a rock, and clung to it. She was clearly frightened.”

According to Global News, Dave Brosha, one of Lake’s friends, described the sequence of events as something straight out of a suspenseful movie. After the woman disappeared for the second time without reemerging, Lake, aptly named, took action. He plunged into the water and swam towards the rock to extend his assistance.

Upon reaching the rock, Lake found that the water was deeper than anticipated. The rescue strategy turned into a desperate attempt to reach her by flailing his arms and legs, hoping to make contact. Miraculously, his hand brushed against her arm.

In a frantic effort, Lake grabbed her and swam vigorously towards their companions.

“I guided her towards the shore. Her friend grabbed her arm, and then I lost contact with her… I was being pulled back into the same perilous spot. Just then, she turned around, stretched out her arm, and I managed to grasp it, and we were pulled to safety together,” he recounted to Global News.

Lake’s wife, Bernadette, remarked that risking his life for a complete stranger was entirely characteristic of his nature.

Dave Brosha, a professional photographer, commemorated the heroic act by capturing a photograph after the rescue. He approached the Truro police officer for permission and was met with a response that conveyed utter disbelief. Brosha interpreted this reaction as a reflection of a man who believed he had simply done what anyone would have done in that critical situation.

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