Noah Matthews Matofsky, 15, becomes first actor with Down’s syndrome to land major role in Disney film

Noah Matthews Matofsky, the 15-year-old British actor with Down syndrome, is making history as the first of his kind to land a major role in a Disney film.

He stars as Slightly, the leader of the Lost Boys, in the upcoming Peter Pan adaptation for Disney+.

Matofsky expressed gratitude to his co-star Jude Law, who plays Captain Hook, for making one of his days on set special by surprising the child actors with ice cream.

In an interview with The Sun, Noah Matthews Matofsky shared that one of his favorite days on set was when Jude Law hired an ice cream van and served ice cream to the cast himself.

Noah enthusiastically immersed himself in the project, especially enjoying the action scenes, such as the one where the pirate ship is overturned.

Noah Matthews Matofsky described his experience on the set of the Peter Pan film as “amazing,” where he had his own trailer, made fantastic friends, and learned sword fighting. Despite having to learn lines quickly, he found the experience exciting and enjoyable.

Noah learned about the casting opportunity through the inclusive talent agency Zebedee and auditioned via tape before meeting the director, David Lowery, bonding over their mutual love for Lord of the Flies.

Filming required Noah and his mother Kathryn to fly to Vancouver, while his father Warren stayed home with sister Lola who was doing her GCSEs.

Noah expressed his aspiration to go to drama college and become a role model for others with Down syndrome who have a passion for performing.

He emphasized that Down syndrome should not be a hindrance and encouraged others to always dream big.

The film is a live-action adaptation of the beloved 1953 Peter Pan animated classic, which has been re-interpreted in various ways over the decades.

The story centers around Peter Pan, portrayed by Alexander Molony, who never grows up and is always seeking adventure. He introduces his new friend Wendy, played by Ever Anderson (daughter of Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson), to the wonders of Neverland where kids have fun.

As Wendy embarks on a thrilling adventure, she encounters the mischievous Lost Boys, the feisty Tinkerbell played by Yara Shahidi, and encounters enchanting mermaids and captivating Tiger Lily. Meanwhile, Jude Law takes on the iconic role of Captain Hook, the nemesis of Peter Pan, who is haunted by a crocodile that ate his hand and seeks revenge on the Lost Boy.

The film showcases the magical world of Neverland and the classic tale of Peter Pan with a new generation of actors, promising an exciting and adventurous story for audiences to enjoy.

Actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Jason Isaacs have previously taken on the role of Hook in different adaptations of Peter Pan.

The choice to create a live-action version of the beloved Peter Pan story follows the success of other live-action adaptations of Disney animated classics, such as The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and The Lion King. This trend has sparked interest in reimagining timeless stories in a new format for modern audiences.