Nicole Kidman received criticism for raising her children with Catholic beliefs and instilling faith in God

Actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, musician Keith Urban, are passing on their faith to their two daughters, Sunday and Faith. Kidman, who was raised in a devout Irish Catholic household, remains a committed Catholic and cites her grandmother as a significant influence in her spiritual life. She emphasizes the importance of tolerance and avoiding judgment in her beliefs.

In 2018, Kidman revealed that she had considered becoming a nun due to her trust in God. Despite the mockery of some of her friends, Kidman is raising her daughters with strong religious values and has limited their technology use.

Kidman also has two adopted children from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise, who chose to become Scientologists. Although she became distant from them when they joined the religion, Kidman expressed her eternal love for them and believes it is her responsibility as a mother to support their choices.

Kidman values tolerance and the importance of showing love to children regardless of their beliefs or choices. She regards her children as her mission in life and is committed to safeguarding her relationships with them.