Newlywed Buzz Aldrin, 93, says wife Anca Faur is the ‘Wizard of Oz package’

Buzz Aldrin, the 93-year-old astronaut who made history by walking on the moon alongside Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, is sharing insights into his life as a newlywed with Dr. Anca Faur.

In a heartfelt celebration, Aldrin and his longtime partner, 63-year-old Dr. Anca Faur, exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony held on January 20, coinciding with Aldrin’s birthday.

Newlywed Buzz Aldrin Says Wife Anca Faur Is the 'Wizard of Oz Package'

Their love story began when Aldrin and Faur first met at a work event focused on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in December 2017. Since then, Aldrin has been captivated by thoughts of Faur, and their connection has grown stronger over time.

“When I met Anca I instantly recognized that here was a woman who is the whole Wizard of Oz package: Brains. Heart. Courage,” he told People. There is something special about her and the way we connect so well.”

The couple started spending more time together in Los Angeles in early 2018.

“When you connect at a soulmate level, you naturally talk about marriage,” explains Faur.
We spoke quite a few times about it, starting the summer of 2018, not long after we started dating in early May 2018.”

But Aldrin jokes that he still had to woo Faur before she agreed to say “I do”.

“She has a bit of a stubborn streak, so it then took me several years until she agreed to be my bride, my best beloved,” he says. “But I’m even stubborner than she is. I won!”

Adds Faur: “We both felt deep in our hearts all these years that marrying each other felt right,” Faur said. “That said, we were having such a wonderful courtship we felt no need to rush things.”

On his 93rd birthday, which coincided with the day he was being recognized at the prestigious Living Legends of Aviation 20th Annual Awards gala, Aldrin conceived the idea of having their wedding ceremony.

“It was what astronomers call a grand conjunction,’ adds Aldrin. “All the stars were now aligned to marry.”

Despite having limited time to organize the event, the couple wasted no time in gathering their loved ones. Aldrin’s daughter Jan, son Andy, grandson Jeffrey, and great-grandchildren were among the attendees, along with Faur’s son Vlad Ghenciu and her granddaughters Kaia and McCali.

Aldrin’s closest and long-standing companions, Richie Annenberg, Don Camp, Robert Charles, and Ralph Benko, proudly took on the role of groomsmen during their civil ceremony. The couple exchanged vows in a cozy park near their residence.

“It was a beautiful day. We had decided on a private ceremony, as suitably intimate, just us and the stars in the sky,” says Aldrin.

Following the wedding ceremony, Aldrin and Faur proceeded to the Beverly Hilton to attend the awards gala. Aldrin delivered a captivating opening speech that garnered a standing ovation from the audience. Later, they enjoyed a delightful dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel, accompanied by their nearest and dearest.

For the special occasion, Faur personally designed a cake symbolizing the merging of Aldrin’s milestone birthday and their wedding. The cake featured two intertwining spirals, representing “one for my birthday and one for our wedding,” Aldrin expressed, emphasizing the unity of the two events through two golden hearts.

For Aldrin, the whole event will “be held dear in our hearts for the rest of our lives,” he says adding, “I am just the luckiest man in this, or any other, world.”

Who is Buzz Aldrin?

Buzz Aldrin is a former American astronaut and engineer who is best known for being one of the first human beings to step on the moon. He was part of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, and successfully landed on the moon’s surface. Aldrin has since become a prominent advocate for space exploration and has written several books on the subject.

Prior to his career as an astronaut, Aldrin served in the United States Air Force as a pilot and was a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. He also earned a Ph.D. in astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).Aldrin’s achievements have been celebrated and recognized by numerous organizations and institutions, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the US. He continues to be an inspiration to many aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts around the world.

Who is Anca Faur?

Born on May 14, 1959, Anca Faur currently serves as the executive vice president of Buzz Aldrin’s company, Buzz Aldrin Ventures.

Anca earned her PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996.

The 63-year-old began her career as a project leader at Union Carbide and later worked for Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells.

She has also previously held a position as a board member of the California Hydrogen Business Council.