Newly-rescued Doberman clings to a toddler, and the family finds that she is protected from danger

Khan, a Doberman who had previously suffered severe abuse, had only been living with his new family for one week when he snatched Charlotte, a 17-month-old, and threw her around like a rag doll. The family then understood why…

Pets will undoubtedly go to great lengths, even to the point of risking their own lives, to defend their owners. We might never know if this is just instinct or something far deeper. Either way, our dogs live most of their lives demonstrating their affection for us.

This is the tale of a family who will always be appreciative of their Doberman, Khan.

Khan’s Turbulent Past and Adoption


Catherine Svillicic of Atherton, Australia, took the dog into her home despite being aware of the canine’s difficult history. One can’t help but wonder what, if any, qualms she could have had about letting such a dog into her house in the first place. mostly due to the fact that her young daughter, Charlotte, was going to have the dog as a companion.

Khan was rescued from a family where he was being mistreated.

Adelaide Now reports,

Svilicic said, “When Kerry Kinder (Doberinling Boarding Kennels owner) rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs, and had been beaten – he was an abused dog. It was borderline on whether or not he should be put down because he was in such a bad way.”

Despite the fact that she was aware of his difficult past and aggressive inclinations, she took him home anyhow; this is a decision that she will never come to regret.

Khan Demonstrates the Characteristics of His Breed


Abused dogs frequently develop a vicious temperament. However, it’s possible that Svilicic was aware of the inbred tendencies of the breed. According to information provided by the American Kennel Club,

“This incomparably fearless and vigilant breed stands proudly among the world’s finest protection dogs.”

In addition, the following characteristics are attributed to their temperament:

“Loyal, fearless, and alert.”

Regarding Khan, all of this turned out to be correct. He overcame the hardships of his early life and developed into the dog he was destined to be for the family who eventually adopted him and showed him how a dog’s existence ought to actually be lived out in the world.

Khan Works Hard to Deserve the Love and Appreciation of His Family


When the unexpected took place, Khan hadn’t even been a part of his new permanent family for more than a week yet.

Because of his past, and maybe also because Dobermans have a reputation for being aggressive, Svilicic made sure to keep an eye on the two of them while they were together. That is why she was so quick to realize when things wasn’t quite right.

While Charlotte, who was 17 months old at the time, was out in the yard playing with Khan, her mother became aware of a dramatic change in behavior shown by the dog.

The Daily Mail reports,

Svilicic said: “Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively towards Charlotte-and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working. So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a meter like she was a rag doll.”

We can only try to picture how horrified she must have been at that very time. A dread that would have mutated and intensified the moment she learned what was actually taking place.

Khan had noticed a king brown snake, which is not only one of the most venomous snakes in the world, it is the third most venomous. When he was unable to get the youngster safely out of harm’s way, he took matters into his own hands, grabbed her up, and hurled her away from the potential threat.

The snake then sprung at this point.

Khan the Hero Gets a Hero’s Treatment


Khan jeopardized his own life by standing in the way of the kid and the snake. Svilicic claims that the reason for the scream was being bitten. He collapsed as he ran inside the home, but thankfully a trip to the clinic eventually put everything right. He received anti-venom therapy, and despite having a difficult night where survival was on the line, he managed to make it through and enjoy a substantial breakfast the next morning.

According to a local snake specialist, the snake’s inability to inject enough venom when it bit him was the only thing that prevented him from dying.

Khan will live like a king from that point forward, the Svilicic family assured him.

“If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life,’  Svilicic said.