New father captures video of daughter having hair washed and experience is incredibly enjoyable

Since Amira Yvonne Glenn is the first child of Taveon Glenn and Sierra Still, it’s understandable that the proud parents would want to capture and cherish her precious moments as a newborn.

Amira was born with a thick head of hair, which required a hair wash along with her first bath. If you’ve ever experienced having someone else wash your hair, you know how incredibly relaxing it can be.

With a heart full of pride, the doting father aimed his camera at his newborn daughter and the nurse gently caring for her. He successfully captured some truly endearing moments, which he later shared on Facebook in 2016.

Source: Screenshot via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

The heartwarming sight spread rapidly across the internet, likely prompting many impromptu trips to the salon!

“Does that feel good,” inquires the nurse as she massages the shampoo into Amira’s tiny scalp. Without delay, the newborn grins, her mouth opening wide, and the nurse responds with a soft, “Oh, hi.”

Source: Screenshot via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

Who doesn’t appreciate a soothing head massage? Especially when it comes to newborns, the massage is extra gentle and comforting.

As it becomes time to rinse the suds from Amira’s hair, the nurse retrieves a bowl and fills it up with water from the tap. She then proceeds to pour the water over the infant’s hair gently and meticulously.

Source: Screenshot via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

The nurse exclaims, “Oh, you are loving it,”  as the content expression on the baby’s face reveals her comfort.

For the little girl, this moment will always hold a special place in her heart, making future salon visits pale in comparison.

Moving on, it’s time to comb Amira’s thick hair, and the nurse retrieves a brush. As it turns out, Amira loves this experience just as much!

Amidst the process of giving Amira a tiny mohawk, we can hear her father softly chuckling in the background.

Source: Screenshot via DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

“Watching Amira getting her hair washed for the first time was one of the most priceless, breathtaking moments that I have ever witnessed, and I wanted to capture that moment so my family and friends could also see,” Glenn told TODAY. “It warmed my heart knowing that I created such a beautiful baby girl.”

Although the video is no longer available on his Facebook page, it managed to garner over 30 million views within a week of being posted. Currently, it continues to accumulate millions of views on YouTube.

“I think that the video got such much attention because everyone is used to seeing so much negativity on the news and social media,” Glenn said. “A precious, relaxed newborn is the exact thing that people needed to see. This video has brought smiles to so many faces and has also caused a whole lot of ‘baby fever.’”

That’s definitely accurate! Despite being over three years old, the video is still making waves on the internet because of its overwhelmingly heartwarming nature.

It appears that Amira was able to take a pleasant nap following her initial spa session.