Neighbors perform CPR for 14 minutes to save a man after a heart attack on front porch

5 weeks after suffering a massive heart attack known as the “widow maker,” a Pennsylvania man said “I do” to the love of his life. Chris Favorin, 53, attributes his life to God and his quick-thinking neighbors.

Favorin began to have a heart attack after his workout. He went over to his neighbors’ house, knowing he needed assistance.

Favorin was seen on surveillance video ringing the doorbell and struggling to stand. He is later seen on his hands and knees on the front porch.

His fiancée, Beth, is seen behind him. “I was a mess; I thought I’d lose him for sure,” she said.

Beth told Inside Edition at the time that they were supposed to have their wedding 5 weeks later and that she didn’t think he’d make it.

Favorin did not seek assistance from his neighbors by accident.

When Christopher and Rachel Mowry, a firefighter/EMT and a nurse practitioner, saw their neighbor in trouble, they jumped into action.

Christopher Mowry told Newsweek: “When we first encountered Chris we could tell his situation was serious. We just followed what we knew and did what we could, having no equipment.

“We began assessing him and his chest pain right away, we activated 911, sent his fiancée to retrieve some baby aspirin, and did what we could for the initial issue. As things progressed we just did what we are trained to do,” Mowry said.

According to Inside Edition, the husband and wife team performed nonstop CPR compressions for 14 minutes before detecting a pulse. Favorin’s heart stopped again within 2 minutes, and they were able to resuscitate him.

Just weeks away from his wedding, Favorin is making a full recovery thanks to the Mowrys’ fast actions and the care he received at the hospital.

“I believe God put them in my path that day,” Favorin said. “Without them being there, I know I would not have made it.”

“They’re heroes in my eyes; the best neighbors anyone can have,” Beth said, thanking the couple for bringing her now husband back to her.

Favorin and Beth thanked the couple again at their wedding, where the Mowrys were their special guests.

“I’m very blessed,” Favorin said. “Because without them, we, I, wouldn’t be here.”