Mysterious ‘snakes’ spotted in tree turn out to be something unexpected upon closer inspection

The natural world is teeming with captivating species and extraordinary animals, showcasing the incredible diversity of Planet Earth. Witnessing the intricate interactions and adaptive behaviors of these organisms as they navigate their environments, striving for survival and ecological harmony, is truly awe-inspiring.

Therefore, when I stumbled upon photographs depicting three “angry snakes” lurking in a tree, my curiosity was instantly piqued. I soon realized that I was not alone in being deceived by these astonishing images.

The sight of a single serpent coiled in a tree is enough to send shivers down one’s spine, but the presence of three intertwined can freeze anyone’s blood. Fortunately, the attention-grabbing pictures do not actually feature snakes—they depict something entirely different…

7-year-old fights for life after tragic collision with a truck while chasing ball into the road
Twitter / Rob

Nature boasts an astonishing array of biodiversity, encompassing countless species scattered across the globe. Every individual species assumes a distinctive role and function within its respective ecosystem.

Furthermore, nature showcases an extraordinary array of adaptations and survival strategies that have evolved over time. For instance, numerous animals and plants have developed remarkable techniques to ensure their survival. Some insects have evolved camouflage colors to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, evading potential predators. Similarly, certain species have acquired toxic substances as a means of defense against adversaries.

This reality gained even more attention when photographs of three enraged-looking “snakes” began circulating online. In 2021, a picture shared by Rob Allam on Twitter left users bewildered as it seemingly portrayed three irate “serpents” concealed within a tree. However, it didn’t take long for users to uncover that there was more to this tale than initially met the eye.

7-year-old fights for life after tragic collision with a truck while chasing ball into the road
Twitter / Rob

As it transpires, the group of “snakes” is simply an optical illusion generated by a segment of wings originating from two distinct species of moths known as the Atlas moth.

Originating from the forests of Asia, these remarkable moths possess a unique talent for mimicking the likeness of a snake. With an awe-inspiring wingspan that can extend up to 24 cm (9.4 in) and a wing surface area measuring approximately 160 cm2 (≈25 in2), the Atlas moth proudly claims its position among the largest species of Lepidoptera.

The Atlas moth exhibits a conspicuous disproportion between its body and wings, resulting in a remarkable contrast in size. This characteristic was initially observed by Carl Linnaeus in 1758 and solidifies the Atlas moth’s status as one of the largest insects on Earth. The moth derives its name from Atlas, the Greek mythological Titan, due to its impressive and substantial dimensions.

Alongside the viral picture, Twitter user Rob offered an explanation that shed light on the situation:

“Attacus Atlas is among the largest butterflies worldwide, and during its adult stage, it lives only for a brief span of two weeks. Its primary objective during this stage is to lay eggs and safeguard them until they hatch, all the while camouflaging itself as a snake,” he wrote.

Initially, many individuals on social media found it difficult to accept that the creature in question was indeed a moth.

“That disguise is really good,” one user wrote.

A different user conveyed their astonishment, stating, “How’s that top one not an actual snake? This moth would live longer if it didn’t look like I wanted to beat it with a broom.”

Contrary to expectations, Atlas moths are actually fragile and unsteady in flight. To preserve their energy, these moths opt to rest during the daytime and take to the air as proficient flyers during the night.

7-year-old fights for life after tragic collision with a truck while chasing ball into the road
Wikipedia Commons /  Nevit Dilmen

According to the National History Museum, when the Atlas moth senses danger, it resorts to a defensive tactic by descending to the ground and performing a writhing motion. Simultaneously, it strategically flaps its wings to imitate the visage of a snake’s head.

To witness the mesmerizing presence of the Atlas moth firsthand, one would typically need to venture into the tropical forests of Asia. Nevertheless, documented sightings of Atlas moths have also occurred in certain regions of Europe and the United States.

In 2012, an intriguing incident was reported by the BBC, detailing the discovery of a colossal Atlas moth perched on a windowsill in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester. The moth was of such impressive size that the family who stumbled upon it initially mistook it for a bat. It is speculated that this unique creature had possibly escaped from a private collection. Unfortunately, the moth met a tragic fate and passed away shortly after its discovery.

In a truly historic occurrence, an additional Atlas moth specimen was captured on camera in Bellevue, Washington, in July 2022. This marked an extraordinary milestone as it represented the first-ever documented sighting of this species within the United States. Furthermore, another sighting of an Atlas moth was reported in Sweden during the same year.

“This is a ‘gee-whiz’ type of insect, because it is so large,” remarked Sven Spichiger, the managing entomologist for the state Agriculture Department, in an interview with NBC News.

He added, “Even if you aren’t on the lookout for insects, this is the type that people get their phones out and take a picture of — they are that striking.”

7-year-old fights for life after tragic collision with a truck while chasing ball into the road
Wikipedia Commons / Maghdp

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