MP proposes chemically castrating paedophiles due to their irredeemability through rehabilitation

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns has urged for chemical castration of paedophiles citing Gary Glitter’s case as evidence of their irredeemability. She said that this method has been employed in countries such as Ukraine and the US, and stated that “there’s only one thing” for child sex offenders, according to Yahoo News.

Following the breach of his parole, former pop star Paul Gadd, also known as Gary Glitter, was sent back to prison midway through his 16-year sentence for sexually abusing three schoolgirls. The Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood made comments about chemical castration for paedophiles in light of this event.

Speaking to GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Jenkyns said that being recalled to prison was not enough for those convicted of child sexual abuse.

She said: “To me, they are the lowest of the low, paedophiles. There’s only one thing for them, the chop.

“They do this in other countries such as Ukraine, many states in the US and the Czech Republic.”

Jenkyns added that the measure “definitely would be popular”.

Glitter’s recall to prison “proves that paedophiles cannot be rehabilitated”, according to a survivor of child abuse who has launched a petition to stop abusers being removed from the sex offenders register.

Laura Stewart, a resident of Bournemouth, Dorset, was a victim of child abuse. Her attacker received a prison sentence of 17 months for six counts of sexual assault, but has now been taken off the sex offenders register. Stewart has started a petition on the UK Parliament website to repeal the right to apply for removal from the register after 15 years.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The UK has some of the toughest powers in the world to deal with sex offenders.

“Registered sex offenders are required to notify their personal details to the police annually or whether they change, and those subject to these requirements for life are only able to seek a review after 15 years.

“Sex offenders who continue to pose a risk will remain on the register and will do so for life if necessary.”

Jenkyns also echoed Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson’s previous comments of support for the death penalty in certain cases.

She said: “I’d go a stage further too, child killers, I think they should get the lethal injection. For me, they don’t deserve to breathe.

“As British taxpayers, why should we be paying a penny towards this?”

Last month, Anderson provoked controversy when he told The Spectator magazine he would back the return of capital punishment.

Asked whether he would support the return of the death penalty, Anderson said: “Yes.”

He added: “Nobody has ever committed a crime after being executed. You know that, don’t you? 100% success rate.”