Mountain dog honored with award for 200+ rescues in 11 years of service

The incredible achievements of a deserving dog have been recognized with an award for her 200 rescues over 11 years. Dogs have always been remarkable companions, bringing happiness and a sense of calm to our lives. They serve us in various capacities, from anti-drug and anti-explosive roles to assisting individuals with visual impairments and other challenges. Their presence alone holds tremendous significance.

Mountain dog honored with award for 200+ rescues in 11 years of service

Meet Skye, a border collie who faithfully served as a mountain dog for 11 consecutive years, conducting approximately 200 search missions. Now retired at the age of 16, she has been honored for her unwavering dedication and life-saving work by receiving the prestigious Order of Merit from the PDSA, an esteemed accolade reserved for the most dedicated animals in the United Kingdom.

Skye is the 16th animal to receive this esteemed award since its establishment by the charity in 2014, recognizing the significant contributions of pets to society. Working alongside her handler, John Leadbetter, she fearlessly ventured into the vast mountains, searching for missing individuals.

Mountain dog honored with award for 200+ rescues in 11 years of service

“Skye means the world to me; she is my best friend on the moors, and we have been partners for life. Witnessing her receive the PDSA Order of Merit is an incredibly moving experience and a well-deserved recognition of the time and effort search dogs and their teams invest in mountain safety,” proudly stated John Leadbetter.

Skye’s journey towards this remarkable achievement began as a young pup in the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team, where she received training and qualified with the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dog Association in 2009. From that point forward, she dedicated herself to her mountainous tasks, persevering through challenging weather conditions and adversities until her retirement at the age of 14. Now, she enjoys a peaceful life with John, his family, and her fellow canines, receiving the love and care she deserves. Many individuals are grateful for Skye’s extraordinary service, and we join them in acknowledging her invaluable contributions. Dogs truly are treasures that we must cherish.

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