Mother receives a $115 fine after stopping her car to feed her hungry baby

Guillermina Rodriguez is a mother of four, so she is used to having to change her plans at the last minute.

Kids are a blessing and bring so much joy into our lives, but they have their own schedules that are never the same as ours. This can be challenging at times.

Being a resident of Manhattan Not only does Guillermina have to deal with ongoing demands, but she also has to deal with incredibly stressful situations, which is especially difficult given that her youngest child is just three weeks old.

A short while ago, the mother and her four children were traveling in a car together when they became caught in traffic for forty-five minutes. Guillermina, the mother of the infant, heard her daughter start to fuss and immediately realized that the child was hungry.

Guillermina made a safe stop and parked her vehicle in a commercial area so that she could breastfeed her child in the backseat of her vehicle. However, as she was doing so, she observed that a police officer and a tow truck were parked outside her vehicle.

She recalled: “He just literally took out the tow truck. He was going to tow the car without even looking in there.”

She said to ABC13: “I was almost crying because she’s crying, and all I wanted to do was pull over so I could attend to her ‘I show him the baby, and obviously, my breasts. I’m like, “I’m breastfeeding the baby.’”

“And he looks, and then he just gives me the ticket and walks away.”

Now the mother, who is 30 years old, is pleading for mercy and has stated that she would appeal the ticket. She is making an appeal to people who support breastfeeding to assist her in raising awareness.

Any mother can understand well why Guillermina had to act the way she did, and the officer ought to have been sympathetic.