Mother proudly shows baby to people, but they beg her to stop, asking “What’s wrong with your child?”

Despite facing bullying from people who made derogatory comments about her son’s looks due to his rare condition, a mother continued to post photos of him on social media. Despite receiving requests to stop sharing pictures of her child, she refused to back down. In fact, she posted a powerful message directed at her son’s bullies, which quickly gained widespread attention and went viral.

Natasha, like many proud parents, enjoyed sharing photos of her son, Raedyn, on social media to keep her friends and family updated. However, she was taken aback by the negative reactions from strangers online.

Due to Raedyn’s unique appearance, some individuals demanded that Natasha remove her son’s photos from social media. They left hurtful comments, asked insensitive questions, and attempted to bring her down. Despite facing this cyberbullying, Natasha remained resilient and refused to let the hurtful words affect her. She stood strong in her love for her son and continued to share his photos proudly.

He Was Born with a Rare Condition

Raedyn’s unique appearance is due to Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the skull, face, and limbs. As this condition is not well-known, people often express surprise when they see photos of Raedyn online.

Despite this, Natasha believes that people should be more considerate when talking about her child. In addition to encountering hurtful comments on her social media accounts, Natasha has also experienced demeaning questions in person when people see Raedyn. She shared,

“People just come up to me and rudely say: ‘what’s wrong with your child? Or why does your child look like that?’ …that’s not how you talk to a human being.”

They Asked Her to Stop

The doting mother proudly shares photos and videos of her son Raedyn on TikTok and Instagram. However, she has received numerous comments from people who believe she should not be posting her son’s photos online. Some people mistakenly assume that Raedyn’s condition negatively impacts his quality of life, but the truth is quite different.

Natasha won’t stop sharing photos of her son Raedyn, and she wants to remind his bullies that he lives a normal life like any other child. She emphasizes that Raedyn’s appearance doesn’t make him “any less.”

No Awareness, No Acceptance

Due to a lack of awareness about Raedyn’s condition, some people leave mean comments about him. When they see his photos and videos, they assume he must be living a difficult life and blame Natasha for allowing her baby to experience such challenges.

Nevertheless, Natasha remains resilient in the face of these hurtful comments. She stands up for her son, but she struggles to comprehend why people feel the need to pass judgment on her child simply because he looks different. She refuses to let these remarks affect her or her son’s sense of self-worth.

The young mother acknowledges that it can be exhausting to constantly explain her son’s condition to others. “He deserves life, he deserves acceptance – I will fight until my dying day for that,” Natasha said.

She Has a Message for Everyone

Having witnessed the reactions of people towards children with special needs or rare conditions, Natasha has a heartfelt message for the world. She wants people to understand that it is not necessary to judge or pity a child simply because they look different. She passionately stated:

“My son looks a little bit different, but that doesn’t mean he is just a lesson to give the world.”

Natasha desires for people to comprehend that she and her son lead a normal, joyful life despite his rare genetic condition. Their mother-son bond is extraordinary, and Raedyn’s condition has never posed as a hindrance. Natasha actively advocates for raising awareness on this topic and hopes that people will come to understand that having a child with special needs does not completely alter one’s life.

She Responded with a Video

After receiving numerous hurtful comments from people all over the world, Natasha took a stand. She decided to create a video addressing these negative comments. In the video, which has garnered over 5 million views, Natasha is seen sitting next to her son Raedyn’s chair, which is initially turned away from the camera.

With determination in her eyes, Natasha turns Raedyn’s seat towards the camera and confidently declares, “Who’s going to stop me?” This powerful statement is a direct response to those who have criticized her decision to show her son’s face on social media. Natasha uploaded the video on TikTok as a way to stand up against bullying and advocate for her son and other children like him.

@risewithraedyn I will NOT stop 😊 #stopbullying #spreadawareness #educateyourself #craniofacialdifference #acceptance #inclusion #pfieffersyndrome #differentisbeautiful #morealikethandifferent #craniofacialawareness ♬ all the things she said slowed – xxtristanxo

We hold the hope that Natasha’s efforts to raise awareness about her son’s condition will be successful. It is our sincere wish that people come to understand that passing hurtful comments when encountering a child like young Raedyn is unnecessary and unkind.

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