Mother mimics daughter’s heart-shaped port wine birthmark by painting it on her own face

Angelica was born on May 6, 2018, with a heart-shaped port wine stain on her face, which her mother, Marianna Bowering, described as “absolutely beautiful.” Unfortunately, some people were cruel to Angelica, calling her a “defect” and “hideous” due to her appearance. Marianna and her husband refused to be ashamed of their daughter’s birthmark and worked hard to make sure Angelica knew it was something to celebrate.

Despite the hurtful comments, Marianna is determined to ensure that Angelica grows up knowing she is beautiful just the way she is. Recently, the 27-year-old mother decided to paint a copy of Angelica’s port wine stain on her own face using makeup, saying, “I wanted to be just as beautiful as her.”

Marianna was saddened by comments suggesting that Angelica’s facial spots would fade over time or could be covered up with makeup. She questioned why her daughter should have to hide her natural beauty rather than embrace it.

Prior to the matching “birthmark,” Marianna dressed up Angelica’s port wine stain with glitter to “make it shine.” While children with port wine stains on their faces are at risk for developing other health conditions, Marianna confirmed that Angelica is healthy and has regular check-ups, especially for her eyes, which can be affected by glaucoma.