Mother is shocked to find bite marks all over her baby after picking her up from daycare

The welfare of children under the care of a daycare is a critical responsibility that must not be neglected. Unfortunately, one daycare failed to fulfill this responsibility in a dreadful manner.

Alice Martin resides with her family in Tucson, Arizona where she is known for her hard work.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Alice Martin entrusted the care of her baby, Rose, to a local daycare, Creative Beginning Preschool, when she returned to work from maternity leave.

Initially, Alice was satisfied with the daycare’s service and noticed her baby, Rose, was content when she picked her up at the end of the day. However, one fateful day, things took a turn for the worse.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Alice picked up her 15-month-old daughter Rose from the daycare as usual. However, it wasn’t until she bathed her baby later that evening that she made a shocking discovery.

Upon bathing her 15-month-old daughter Rose that night, Alice was horrified to discover that the baby’s back was covered in what appeared to be human bite marks.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

The sight of the bite marks was sickening and Alice couldn’t believe that someone had done this to her baby. She was also left wondering if there were any other forms of abuse that hadn’t left a visible mark.

“I was just in complete shock for about a minute. And then I started sobbing and crying and just holding her.”- Alice Martin.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

When Alice had regained her composure, she closely examined the bite marks on Rose’s body and counted more than 25 of them in total.

After filing a police report, Alice had hoped for a thorough investigation into the incident. However, as time passed, it became apparent that the police were not taking the matter seriously enough.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Alice took Rose to see a doctor who confirmed one of her worst fears – the bite marks on Rose’s body were indeed caused by a human.

Additionally, the size of the bites suggested that they were made by a child.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Naturally, Alice withdrew Rose from the daycare. Since then, she has been trying to balance her work and take care of Rose on a more permanent basis.

The most optimistic possibility in this situation is that a slightly older child than Rose (as indicated by the size of the bite marks) bit Rose without any further harm. Nevertheless, the daycare staff should have intervened and prevented the biting from happening in the first place.

A news report featuring Alice and Rose’s story was uploaded to YouTube, where it garnered significant attention. As of now, it has shocked nearly 500,000 viewers and has received over 9,000 likes and 1,100 comments. Some of the comments express shock and sympathy, with people saying things like:

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

After Alice and Rose’s story gained attention on YouTube, another news team decided to investigate Creative Beginning Pre School and uncovered some alarming information about the daycare.

The news reporters reached out to the Arizona Department of Health to obtain the inspection reports of Creative Beginning Pre School. Shockingly, the reports revealed that the daycare had received numerous citations from the government over the years, with 22 citations in 2018 alone.

Source: News 4 Tucson KVOA-TV/YouTube

Despite receiving dozens of citations for inadequately trained staff members, Creative Beginning Pre School did not face any enforcement actions from the government.

Doing research on daycare facilities is crucial for parents before entrusting them with the care of their children.