Mother gives birth to two extremely uncommon albino children with snow-white hair

Despite the fact that every kid is born with their own distinct characteristics, it is inevitable that some births will be remembered throughout history and make an indelible mark on our memories.

It made headlines all around the world in 2018 when identical twin girls named Catalina and Virginia were born in Argentina. What is the cause? The girls were born with strikingly beautiful hair the color of snow white.

Four years ago, images of the gorgeous and one-of-a-kind twins became viral on the internet, but since then, most people have pretty well forgotten about them.

However, some of Catalina and Virginia’s relatives have recently uploaded some images of the kids on their Facebook pages, and I have to admit that the girls are still just as cute as ever!

In the year 2018, Jorge Gomez and his wife were filled with elation as they prepared to become parents to twin girls. The couple, who were already blessed with a handsome kid, felt as though they were just a few short steps away from completing their family.

However, the parents had no way of knowing what type of attention their twin daughters would receive when they were first shown to the general public…

Both he and his wife did everything that needed to be done in order to get ready for the arrival of the twins, and everything went according to plan.

However, despite the fact that carrying twins puts both the mother and her kids at an increased risk for difficulties, the twin girls Catalina and Virginia turned out to be perfectly healthy when they were delivered.

At 36 weeks, the twins were born early, but they both had a healthy weight, and their mother was in good condition.

The doctor at the hospital in Argentina’s Tucuman Province was instead drawn to something else. Two girls that Mrs. Gomez had just given birth to were so rare that they became an instant phenomenon.

Doctors were speechless and unable to conceal their shock when they first saw the newborns. Virginia and Catalina appeared with milky white hair covering their heads; they didn’t resemble anyone in their family.

The little girls were born without skin pigmentation due to a rare genetic disease called albinism. For instance, in the United States, albinism affects just one in 17,000 newborns. The majority of kinds of albinism require that both parents have the albinism gene. Albinism is passed down (inherited) through families.

Catalina and Virginia were the first set of albino twins to be born in Argentina.

Catalina and Virginia will reach four years old this year, and as they mature, they look more lovely every day.

The girls dressed up as models in December 2021 when a family friend had produced some clothes.

It is hoped that their tale and these images will help to raise awareness of albinism and demonstrate just how beautiful this condition can make people.