Mother curses her sister ‘will never have children’ after her sister destroyed all baby items

In response to her sister destroying all of her baby items, allegedly out of envy, a mother of three has received support online for saying she wishes the sister never had children.

The 22-year-old lady, who has the nickname u/SisterFued1927, revealed in a post on Reddit that was published on Monday that her elder sister offered to care for her 3-year-old twin sons while she was giving birth to the third child. She discovered all of her baby’s belongings were ruined when she got home a few days later.

According to the post, her sister has always wished to become a mother but has struggled with infertility. As a result, she has always been envious of the woman for getting pregnant even while using contraception.

The mother of three warned her sister to go out of [her] house and stay away from [her] family after returning home to all the havoc her sister had caused, adding, “I hope you never have a child, and if you do then I’ll tell it exactly what you’ve done to mine.”

The woman posted: The sister had “tried to pin it on the twins but they’re 3, and this level of destruction had to have been done by an adult. My twins can’t even reach some of the stuff that was destroyed, and they certainly do not know how to open diaper packages and tear them apart.”

In less than a day, the post has received over 11,900 “ ikes” and 1,500 responses. Most people agree with the woman’s response after her sister’s rude actions.