Mother adopts deaf stray after 2-year-old falls in love through bedroom window

Each day, 2-year-old Lillian eagerly watches from her window as Thom McCallum walks his dogs. But when Lillian saw Moz, a scrawny little pup, she immediately fell in love. McCallum, known as the “foster papa” in the neighborhood, fosters dogs and helps them find forever homes.

When he found Moz, a deaf pup, McCallum described him as “a mess” and “in shock.” Despite Moz’s hairless and unusual appearance, Lillian’s affection for the pup convinced her mother to adopt him. This heartwarming story was reported by The Dodo.

After bringing Moz home, McCallum remembers that the pup slept for the first two days straight. McCallum then gave Moz a warm bath and provided comfort before introducing him to the other foster dogs. With their guidance, Moz gradually became more comfortable and opened up during walks outside. “The way that my other fosters fostered him was a beautiful thing,” said McCallum, who patiently nurtured the dog back to health.

While out on walks with the other foster dogs, McCallum often carries Moz in his backpack. Lillian, who frequently waves at them from her front window, would eagerly come outside to greet Moz. Lillian quickly formed a strong bond with Moz, which McCallum noticed. Lillian’s mother, Lauren, remarked that “She was really excited to get to walk Moz. They’re small and kind of similar size, similar pace of life.”

When McCallum had to leave town for a business trip, Lillian’s family agreed to dog-sit Moz. It quickly became clear that Moz and Lillian were a perfect match. McCallum summed up their relationship accurately: “The girl who can’t stop talking and the guy who can’t hear anything.” Lillian took great care of Moz, remaining by his side throughout the two weeks McCallum was away. Lillian even taught Moz basic commands such as “stay” using positive affirmations, often telling him, “You can do this.”

After receiving videos of Moz from Lillian’s family, McCallum felt they were falling in love. He described Moz as a Velcro dog because he was always by Lillian’s side. When McCallum returned, Moz had found a new home filled with love and kindness.

Despite Lillian’s young age and lack of understanding about Moz’s deafness, the puppy clearly responded to her enthusiasm and movements. For Lillian, Moz proved to be the perfect companion. Fortunately, McCallum lived just a couple of blocks away, making it easy for Lillian’s family to seek his guidance on how to provide the best possible life for Moz.